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Planet Zoo takes a road trip with the new North America Animal Pack

Planet Zoo takes a road trip with the new North America Animal Pack

Frontier Developments has announced the arrival of a new expansion for Planet Zoo: We are talking about North America Animal Pack. The expansion will be available on PC via Steam on October 4, 2021. Below we report the trailer official.

The North America Animal Pack arrives at Planet Zoo

From dry grasslands to snow-capped mountains, Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack brings into the game seven mesmerizing area animals. We find the laborious American beaver, with its long front teeth and paddle-shaped tail; the imposing and majestic elk; the elegant and crafty sea ​​lion of California; the shy and lonely puma; the huge American alligator; the sociable Prairie dog black-tailed and elusive but adorable arctic fox.

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To these new fascinating animals is also added the American bullfrog. It is the largest frog in North America and is known for its bright green skin and for his powerful swimming. Plus, as this is only the second swimming show animal to be added to the Planet Zoo, zoo guests are sure to be enthralled.

Players can keep their new pets happy by using one of five new enrichment items: the beaver pool, the beaver pot, the pin feeder, the melon feeder and the underwater plant feeder. Beavers can exercise their natural inclination to build using the enrichment article Beaver Pool, which is sure to impress guests. Zookeepers can also fully embrace the North American spirit with the beaver themed headdresses for their avatars.

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An exciting new timed scenario is also on the way. The zookeepers will go to the foot of the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains to test their skills, while they will use the wild nature that surrounds them to transform a small zoo, located in marshy wetlandsin an incredible story.

Along with the launch of Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack, players will receive a free update of the base game which brings a series of extra changes And bonus improvements. This includes terrain variations in the starting maps, one new height map function, deep water swimming for feline species, barriers of route and much more.

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The expansion, which requires the base title to be used, will be available on October 4, 2021 on Steam.