“Planet of the Apps”, Apple’s TV show for the United States

Apple continues to diversify its income with increasingly strange and different products, now the latest news is that it has joined the world of television, and not precisely because of the Apple TV. The Cupertino-based company is preparing a program that will show the world the universe around applications created for iOS. The TV show will be called « Planet of the Apps », We tell you what this new Apple project consists of and what we can expect from it, but given the level of television in the United States, you shouldn't have much hope either.

The best and worst is what they have on American television, so we wouldn't be at all surprised if they created a complete fiasco. However, we keep faith in Apple, let's see what it surprises us. Casting started last week, they select the protagonists. The reality show will feature a selection of developers who will show the world in apps and why theirs should be “the next big app”. What we are clear about is that the next Pokemon Go will not come from there, but it will help a lot to know how much effort there is behind the creation of mobile software and why acquiring it fraudulently does not is not the best option.

Apple has already released a dedicated website for the show that has some information on what they're looking for in potential leads for the show. These developers must know how to program for iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS, that is to say, have some experience with this software. Additionally, they all need to work together, get support and knowledge from certain “influencers» (specialists in the field that Apple will invite), to learn first-hand the wisdom of a job well done. This could be an important opportunity for us to meet people like the creators of Dropbox or WhatsApp, applications that we couldn't live without today.

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Recommended series and programs with this theme

This is not the first time that the world of television has focused on this type of theme. First of all, we are going to mention the one that is not the most popular, but which better tells this intrinsic world of software development, a ruthless world that more closely resembles war. We are not talking about any other series than Silicon Valley, in it, a group of young programming experts who work for a large company, decide to go on an adventure on their own, in the cradle of technology, the city of Silicon Valley. In this series, although it is shot with humor, we can appreciate how difficult it is to open a niche today in this world of software development, and how we live in a constant and dangerous bubble of money, actions, frameworks and possibilities. In this we can see cameos from major app developers.

Another geek series par excellence is The Big Bang Theory, although the theme of development is not the key, we can see cameos of important professionals like Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal and current CEO of Tesla Motors. Finally, we are going to recommend one of the programs “60 Minutes” in its British edition, our colleague Luis has already spoken about the program. They enter Cupertino, in the depths of Apple headquarters where no one could ever enter, with the presence of the most important Apple executives, who show the process of developing new devices, as well as many things that will satisfy your curiosity.

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There are more and more geeks and people interested in technology, which is why these types of programs have a strong influence on television, even Mr.Robot, an incredible series, has an interesting hacker as the protagonist that from his computer he is capable of real viguerías. If you know more interesting series with this theme, do not miss the opportunity to leave it in the comment box.