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Pizza Express opens its first vegan pizzeria

Pizza Express opens its first vegan pizzeria

Pizza Express opened the doors of his in London first exclusively vegan restaurant. The UK-based pizza chain has converted its London branch of Aldwhych following the success of some recently launched plant-based products.

Pizza Express opens its first exclusively vegan restaurant

The completely vegan Pizza Express branch will propose revisited versions of his most famous dishes, using only plant foods. The project will continue throughout the autumn even if an “end date” has not been established: the initiative serves to celebrate the new choices in the menu.

L’American Jack, for example, it is a vegan version of the chain’s famous “pepperoni pizza” (with spicy salami), which uses a salami based on jackfruit instead of meat. Pizza Express teamed up with jackfruit specialists Jack & Bry to develop the dish, which took more than a year to get to perfection. Jackfruit, also known as jackfruit or jako, is an exotic fruit native to India and Southeast Asian countries.

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Even the Vegan Ad Astra – created from the meat dish “Pollo Ad Astra” – was added to the menu. It comes with Quorn meat (fake meat made from plant-based proteins), red peppers, red onion, tomato, Cajun spices, garlic oil, and plant-based mozzarella.

On this occasion Pizza Express introduced an updated menu also in his other restaurants. The new menu boasts the highest number of vegan options to date. This includes 25 main courses, as well as six appetizers and side dishes and three desserts, according to the website. There is no shortage of apetizers such as garlic bread with vegan mozzarella; cherry tomatoes confit with oregano and garlic and much more. Among the new options is pizza Vegan deviltopped with jackfruit salami, Quorn meat, vegetable mozzarella, Tabasco, chilli and other vegetables.

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An incredible success

Jane TreasureFood & Beverage Director of Pizza Express, told Plant Based News that pizza Sloppy Vegan – the vegan version of the popular Sloppy Giuseppe – released this summer was just a taste of what the restaurant chain was about to accomplish. “Sloppy Vegan has been a huge hit with customers, and it is obvious we are thrilled to be launching even more vegan versions of classic PizzaExpress recipes across the UK.”

“Each of our new vegan pizzas stays true to the unique flavors of the original versions… So our customers can enjoy the same taste profiles, but without animal products,” says Jane Treasure.

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The new vegan-only restaurant will remain open throughout the autumn. Pizza Express confirmed to Plant Based News that if the campaign goes well, the vegan menu will remain even beyond autumn. Maybe the chain will even decide to make it stable forever, to allow vegan customers to choose from a large variety of pizzas.