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Pixel Fold, the fold of Google is about to arrive

Pixel Fold, the fold of Google is about to arrive

Google would be working on its first foldable smartphone, the Pixel Fold. Some documents filed with the patent office have allowed those to LetsGoDigital to develop graphic renderings of the device. Which may come sooner than you expect.

Google Pixel Fold, the Mountain View leaflet

The LetsGoDigital site has collected rumors and patents filed to create some renderings, with the help of the graphic designer Waqar Khan. The design is inspired by what we have seen in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro leakeven if it remains an interpretation of the designer, not something certain.

The front display appears to be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, although in this case we find a selfie camera at the top left. The bezels are quite thick, which should really happen on the Google device, given the data collected by the Dutch publication. Once opened, the screen becomes 7.3 inches widewith a punch-hole camera at the top right.

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These renderings are based on the data collected in the patent filed September 23, 2021 by Google LLC to the United States Patent Office. There we read of a “multi-axis soft hinge mechanism and folding device equipped with this mechanism”. But in the extensive documentation (58 pages) we also find references to a clamshell model. In short, it seems that Google wants to launch a double folding smartphoneas Samsung did for the Fold and Flip.

The back appears to have cameras arranged like those on the Pixel 6, although we don’t know which ones they are. The processor might be the Tensor chip than Google he built in the house for this year’s Pixels. However, the software implementation is still uncertain: we expect Google to perform some “magic” with the two screens but at the moment it is too early to understand what it could be.

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Some analysts are wondering if the Fold could be announced alongside Google’s Pixel smartphones this October. However, many suspect that the date of 19 October 2021 is too premature for an announcement, unless it’s simply a prototype for the future.

We just have to wait to know the truth about this device. Should there be any news, we will update you promptly.