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Piëch Mark Zero, the GT with fast charging | Geneva Motor Show 2019

Piëch Mark Zero, the GT with fast charging | Geneva Motor Show 2019

A new electric sports car will debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week. The car comes from a young Swiss start-up called Piëch Automotive, founded by the designer Rea Stark Rajcic and Anton Piech. grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, former Volkswagen Group number one. The newcomer is called Piëch Mark Zero and is a fully electric GT sports car that can deliver a range of approximately 500 km per charge.

Fast charging

One of the most intriguing news concerns the very low charging times declared by the manufacturer. Indeed Piëch Mark Zero reaches 80% of its total capacity in 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Fast charging is done using a special cell in the battery which heats up very little during the charging and discharging phases. Heat is one of the limitations in charging some battery packs, as not very high currents cannot flow without causing heat build-up.

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The manufacturer claims that the battery cells it uses heat up so little that the battery pack can only be cooled by air. Since the battery does not need a cooling system, the car save about 200 kg in weight compared to a normal liquid-cooled electric car. The total weight of Piëch Mark Zero is less than 1,800 kg. The front axle has a single asynchronous motor that delivers 150 kW with the rear offering two synchronous motors that each produce 150 kW. The vehicle promises to achieve i 100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds, while the maximum speed is of 250 Km / h.

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Three electric cars on the way

Piëch Automotive since its foundation, promised in a short time the production of three vehicles. One will be a two-seater, presumably the Piëch Mark Zero which will be shown in Geneva: The second vehicle, should be a four-seater, is finally, a sporty SUV should not be missing as the fashion of the moment wants. The vehicles will be built with the collaboration of “expert partners” for large-scale production.