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Philips Momentum: The world’s first gaming monitor designed for Xbox

Philips Momentum: The world’s first gaming monitor designed for Xbox

Designed by MMD, a leading manufacturer of displays and licensing partner of Philips branded monitors, the new Philips Momentum is the first monitor specifically designed for Xbox consoles. Here are the first images and all the features of the display.

Philips Momentum: designed for next-gen consoles

Is called Philips Momentumand the subtitle reads Designed for Xbox. A name that speaks volumes about the performance optimization of this new monitor created by MMD. The latter, in addition to being a leading company in the production of displays, is also a licensing partner of Philips brand monitors. Momentum is therefore the first display in the world designed specifically for Microsoft consoles, which includes the new specifications HDMI 2.1. The resolution 4K and refresh rates a 120Hz make it perfect for next-gen consoles, providing ultra clear and ultra smooth gaming performance. The Philips Momentum Designed for Xbox monitor for console gaming will now be available as a model from 55 ″ (139.7 cm), for an unprecedented immersive experience.

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Not just a screen: the immersive soundbar

Unlike TVs, Philips Momentum gaming monitors are purpose built, with low latency and low lag as a priority. This allows for a much smoother and more realistic gaming experience. The series’ low input lag is a big plus when playing Twitch-sensitive video games, allowing input to be recorded on the screen faster. The 55 ″ flagship monitor (559M1RYV) will include a specially designed soundbar by Bowers & Wilkins engineers. The latter is a British speaker company famous around the world for its innovative design and sound engineering, which will complement the end user experience.

Designed for Xbox:

This new monitor offers excellent performance, with a ultra-sharp 4K resolution with a minimum refresh rate of 120Hz. The display features a game mode Always Low Latency, which keeps latency to a minimum. The team collaborated with Microsoft engineers to create Xbox Game Mode – a challenging mode with picture quality tuned specifically for Xbox.

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“At Xbox we always try to give our fans the ability to choose the conditions in which to play their favorite games. Today, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Philips to create the first Designed for Xbox monitors, giving fans a unique display with technology and features that provide the ultimate console gaming experience for the Xbox Series X | S. ” he has declared Matt Kesselring, Director of Xbox Hardware Partnerships

Also enthusiastic about the comments that came from Stefan Sommer, Director of Marketing & Business Management Europe at MMDwho stated:
“Philips Momentum pioneered the gaming console and today it does it again thanks to such an important partnership. Surprising and immersive, Momentum monitors will make the new Xbox and its features shine, for more exciting and complete gaming sessions. “

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Philips Momentum: availability and suggested retail price

Philips Momentum 55 “4K Designed for Xbox Console Gaming Monitor (559M1RYV) 55, 4K up to 144Hz, equipped with integrated Bowers & Wilkins soundbar, VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certified

Availability from August 2021 at a suggested retail price of € 1399.