Pedro J. wants part of Google's profits

The director of Le Monde, Pedro J. Ramireztalked about Google in the magazine Capital, the next issue of which will go on sale this Friday. In this interview, the editor of the newspaper described Google as a sophisticated parasite and wants him to share part of his profits.

Even if highly appreciates Google's part in its intermediation to facilitate the arrival of users to the content which are published on the Internet, but emphasizes that it is impossible for Google to keep 60% of online advertising in Spain

I think that if Google has only 60% of online advertising in Spain, it is because others have not been so successful and surely the conditions offered by Adsense and Adwords are better for advertisers and sites . However, if a media outlet like El Mundo is struggling to make a living from online advertising, imagine smaller media outlets.

Lately, Google is falling on all sides, operators want Google to pay them the profit and now online media also want their piece of the pie.

Google cannot do without the content of the main Spanish newspapers. You will have to negotiate and share with publishers the advertising profits that you will obtain from your activity as mediator and content distributor.

About content distribution and intermediary is perhaps more debatable, but if Google stops linking or serving news from a media outlet at their request, they would lose many visits, which would still result in losses due to advertising. Stopping appearing in Google is an option available to the media, but few dare to take the step because it does not suit them.

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