Pangu releases Jailbreak for iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3

While many had already given up hope of a Jailbreak for iOS 9, with iOS 10 just around the corner, it's okay Pangu and surprises us with a Jailbreak that works from iOS 9.2 to 9.3.3. The new application, which is currently in Chinese and will soon also be available in English, will allow us to install Cydia on our devices, and it has some features that make it very different from what we have known so far, such as the fact that when you restart the device the Jailbreak is lost and you will have to use the app again to do it. We explain everything to you below.

To do the Jailbreak with this version of Pangu, no computer is needed on this occasion, since everything is done from the device itself. We will have to install the application that allows us to jailbreak our iPhone using the 25PP application, and once installed we will be able to install Cydia on the device. But be careful because this time if we restart our iPhone or iPad we will have to reinstall the application and redo the Jailbreak, since we will have lost everything. This change in the way Jailbreak works is very reminiscent of the « Tethered » of a long time ago, but in this case it was not that we lost the Jailbreak but that we had to boot the iPhone with a computer so that everything works correctly.

We will soon publish a guide to be able to jailbreak our device step by step, so don't worry about the language or changes in this new jailbreak because everything will be very clear so that those who want to enjoy Cydia can do so without problems or setbacks. The question now is: continue with iOS 10 and all its new features? Or jailbreak and enjoy the freedom that Cydia gives you on your device?

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