Overwatch Workshop turns heroes into planes

L'Overwatch Workshop unleashes the creativity of the Overwatch community. The latest gadget that has caught the public's attention is a fashion who “transforms” heroes into planes to free real ones aerial combat.

The new Workshop feature allows players to create their own game scripts and modify the rules as they wish. The user Ghibliomatics took the ball and managed to insert a propulsion system, similar to Pharah's, to make Bastion fly and turn it into a “plane”. In reality they're little more than red energy spheres grouped together to vaguely resemble an airplane, but the end result, in terms of gameplay, is quite remarkable.

The modality will be expanded by inserting, among the available planes, also Reinhardt, Lucio and D.va. Each obviously has skills that could be used by a fighter jet. Reinhardt, for example, won't be able to deliver hammer blows, but he can repeatedly use his long-range shooting ability. Ghibliomatic said its future plans include a « race » mode with D.Va, originally designed by user DarwinStreams.

What do you think of this mode born from the Overwatch Workshop? If you are interested, to try this mode, simply enter the code 5XRVQ between custom games.

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