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Over 1,800 Minecraft passwords stolen and published

Over 1,800 Minecraft passwords stolen and published

Recently the news has come out that More than 1800 passwords for Minecraft, the popular world-building game, have been stolen and published.

The origin seems to be that it comes from unknown hackers and stolen Minecraft passwords belonged to active users. By obtaining this information, it was possible to access the account of the affected user, obtain their data and download the game for free. The news was obtained from a German website and it seems that affected users focus on Germany. However, it is recommended to change the password for everyone. Anyway, Minecraft is a game that has more than 100 million registered users. The attack on 1800 users compared to the millions it has seems minimal, but that does not mean it should be ignored, because perhaps they have started with something less to continue with something larger soon. As reported the attack was on the users’ computers via malware or keylogger, not to Minecraft’s own servers.

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Minecraft is a popular PC game that we can also find on console and mobile devices and has millions of users as mentioned above. Hopefully this attack is an isolated event and does not affect the gameplay from now on. However if you are an active user do not forget to change the password of Minecraft for what might happen.

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