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Orba: the all-rounder musical instrument

Orba: the all-rounder musical instrument

Orba is the device ready to revolutionize electronic music. What is that? It’s a Synth, a looper, a MIDI controller and it’s also an instrument. Let’s find out together

Orba: the musical instrument that everyone would like

While still awaiting funds on Kickstarter.com, Orba is the new one electronic musical instrument able to create music in a simple and fun way anywhere. Plus, it’s a very small and portable device, perfect to be carried around while waiting for some musical inspiration.

As the video preview shows, Orba is capable of reproduce sounds like a real Pad: reproduces the sounds of percussion thanks to the “Drum“And, moreover, it can record every part of a song thanks to the other modes”Bass“,”Chord” And “Lead“. These modes can be recorded individually and then superimposed at a later time.


The peculiarity of Orba is its sensitivity to touch; thanks to the accelerometer, gyroscope and integrated touch sensors. Besides recognize touch and pressureOrbi is capable of play the vibrato (like a real stringed instrument), the movement of the same device, when it is “shaken” and other particular movements.

Orba is composed, as previously mentioned, by a pad that is sensitive to touch and pressure and, to recognize the selected modes, it also has comfortable Multicolored LED on the outer surface. The device has also incorporated a speaker in the lower part. To connect it to your PC as a MIDI device, the Orba also has connectivity Bluetooth And USB type-C.

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Orba can also be connected with its application available for Mac, IOS, Windows and Android. Here you can select playable sounds and control multi-track recording.

Orba is currently still “under” the countryside Kickstarterbut if you want to contribute to its production, just connect to the page mentioned here.