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Orange is the new Black, a continuing life lesson – Why watch it?

Orange is the new Black, a continuing life lesson – Why watch it?

Orange is the new Black is one of those TV series that can offer so much to its audience. Irony, originality and some sincere tear are just some of the elements present in this interesting serial product. We, today, will discover together all the reasons why you should definitely not miss this TV series.

Orange is the new Black, a new life – Why watch it?

Orange is the new Black is a rather long TV series, it is in fact composed by 7 seasons of 13 episodes each. The duration of each episode is around an hour in duration but the speed with which you will finish these “long” seasons is almost scary. Before proceeding, however, let’s dust off the plot and let’s find out what this TV series is about.

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Inspired by memoirs of Piper Kermanentitled Orange Is the New Black – From Manhattan to prison: my year behind bars, the series tells us the story of Piper Chapman.

The woman is from Connecticut but, following some events, she is sentenced to serve fifteen months of detention at Litchfielda federal women’s prison managed by the Federal Department of Correction, for an event that has occurred ten years ago.

In the past Piper carried a suitcase full of illicit money on behalf of Alex Vause, an international drug trafficker of whom, at the time, he was a lover. During her trial and before her conviction, Piper had finally managed to build one comfortable lifelaw-abiding, upper-class New Yorker with her new boyfriend, Larry Bloom.

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He didn’t know his life would suddenly change like this.

Behind the bars, Piper finds Alex, the woman and her lover, who had her arrested. Despite an initial resentment, the two begin to reconnect. Besides them, many live together in prison other womenwhose stories are told through the use of flashback.

We wish we could say that one of the main reasons to watch this TV series is “Poussey, accent à droite” but we can’t. So we’ll do the serious people and we will carefully analyze the serial product, which you can find on the platform of Netflix.

The whole TV series is introduced to us, in a way, by Piper Chapman. The woman is in fact taken to prison and is forced to serve a sentence of 15 months. The interesting aspect, however, is the fact that although she is the protagonist, in fact it really isn’t.

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The protagonists of OITNB are the womenthe heldtheirs pasttheir stories: who they were, who they are and who they are becoming within that terrifying place. What they are forced to go through every single day and how they are treated by superiors.

Every single story of each character we are told with calmwithout rush, during each episode. This aspect, at the same time, shows us the incredible variety of cast and characters. You never fall into clichein the discriminatory or in the banality.

Their stories ooze suffering And love, friendship And rebirthbut also – and unfortunately – drug, abuse And life lived on the edge. What the show wants us to understand is that each of them is in that place not because she is bad but because life cornered them. Family And lovemore often than not, they find themselves at the center of their unfortunate affairs.

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Stand still though, don’t expect suffering and pain with every episode. As you can imagine, the best way to approach these kinds of stories – and make them even more touching – is narrate them to the public with the right amount of irony and sarcasm.

Irony and sarcasm but also delicate themes

Their past may have been painful, some of these women will have to stay behind bars for a long time but they still manage to find the strength to go on and get up. Orange is the new Black wants to show us how much these women are fragile but also brave And willing to all to resist and get out of there.

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We will therefore have a alternating comic and touching scenesscenes out of the ordinary and more delicate scenes. We will never fall into banality and we will be able to have healthy laughs – but also healthy tears. Just to be safe, place a box of tissues next to you – you never know.

Through these characters, the TV series also introduces us more delicate issues how homophobia, motherhood in prison, racism, power abuse and guards that take advantage of their position with the inmates. However, it is necessary to emphasize that it is not a suit and well-defined portrait of reality.

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The TV series and information taken from Kerman’s memoirs were fictionalized and made it suitable for a serial product, with the addition of scenes capable of breaking the heaviness of the topic. As you can imagine, in reality, inmates are treated differently and worse but Orange is the new Black is still a little taste of what happens to them behind bars.

Flashback and present: two guidelines

As we mentioned earlier, the entire TV series is built on two very specific timelines: the life of women atinside the prison and their life before ending up behind bars. Using this method of storytelling can be tricky but, if done carefully, it can offer a lot.

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And that’s exactly what happens with Orange is the new Black. The TV series allows us to see the protagonists in theirs current situation in prison. We don’t know anything about them, or why they ended up in there or what their connection is with the other inmates.

Some, at first glance, may be there nice and others unpleasant – this will be the most frequent option. However, OITNB makes us enter into the perspective of “never judge a book by its cover”. Some protagonists will act in certain ways but only later will we find out what ails them, what battles are they fighting alone without anyone’s support.

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Flashbacks allow us to get to know these women from a another point of view, one we never imagined. IS sad but, in a certain sense, also stimulating see the willpower and courage that unites them. Certainly there will be moments in which they will show theirs fragilityin which they will throw themselves down.

Inside such a place, loneliness hits harder than ever.

Unexpectedly, however, many of them will be able to find the right support, the shoulder to cry on in moments of despair and this will offer us a even wider overview of the characters present within the TV series.

Another interesting aspect is being able closely observe the inner growth of each character, from the beginning of the first season to the last. In a certain sense we are involved in their stories and this allows us to empathize with every inmate. Furthermore, OITNB does something particularly interesting and unexpected.

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Some inmates, during these seasons, will end their sentence and then will come out. The TV series wants to show us what life is like outside of prison for a former inmate and hers immense difficulties. Life outside their former comfort zone turns out to be even more complicated because There is nobody willing to welcome them. There is no one ready to tell them: “Don’t worry, everything will be fine”.

For this reason most of these women feel hopeless and is almost willing to go back, just to feel appreciated and, in a sense, al safe.

So why watch Orange is the new Black?

Stories. Incredible and touching stories. Stories that intertwine with each other, offering the public a wonderful and delicate mosaic. Orange is the new Black, which you can find on Netflix, offers this and much more. You will not find anywhere else similar characters And stories that can overwhelm you completely like this.

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Orange is the new Black almost starts in comic waylike a TV series whose purpose is to to entertain stop. The further you move forward, the more interesting things start to get and you will realize that you are there get yourself into a good deal of trouble. This TV series will make us smile, laugh with laughter but it will also be able to make us cry, to move us, to make us reflect on a new topic.

If you also need to listen to good stories, able to teach you something and make you feel feelings, then OITNB is the TV series for you. Take it easy and get carried away to Litchfield: you will find everything and you will not be disappointed.