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Last Friday, the Ombudsman for Minors of the Community of Madrid, Arthur Canaldamade controversial statements in which he narrated how he had an account with a fake profile on tuenti through which he monitored the activity of his children on this social network, how he limited access to many pages and even established common email accounts to be able to have under control all kinds of activities, however personal, that their children carry out on the Internet.

Soon the news spread like wildfire through various blogs, even reached the cover of méname and there was a long and in-depth debate on the subject. The fact is that in one of the comments of blog closedone of the first blogs to echo the issue, his own Canalda He left a brief statement clarifying and specifying much of the information disseminated by the press and under which the news, at least with his version, is significantly different.

I let go completely whether this man is right or not, or the veracity of the comment, which could be due to the fact that he is now cornered by public opinion. What caught my attention when I read it was the sentence it began with:

I would simply like to qualify a subject which has not appeared in the media and which, taken out of context, completely distorts the meaning of my remarks.

that the media manipulate without any shame the information and the various nuances that a short story can have to give it a completely different meaning than the original has long no longer been a secret to anyone. And if the news has certain political-ideological chargeas is the case (the Ombudsman for Children depends on the Community of Madrid) even more.

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It seems to me that this is where blogs come into play, which precisely with a universally accessible comment system, allow, I think for the first time in the history of communication, the accused to defend themselves and the reader to know the multiple faces of the same currency. The notice no longer comes only by the author, not even all the information, sometimes there may be more content and more data in the comments than in the body of the post itself. Blogs give the user the power to choose, contribute Yes discuss regarding the content offered.

I believe that traditional models have always evolved in one direction and, during this direction, they have imprinted a series of political connotations to act, fundamentally, as pressure and influence groups. The real magic of the Internet, however, lies in its multidirectionality, in communication and in the value of opinion, and the more opinions, the more value.

Serve as an example of how many times the same news can be totally belittled and distorted by the one who is responsible for transmitting it and by another it can also be nuanced and interpreted in different ways. It's healthier, after all. respect and evaluate an opinion, even if it is not shared, than to criticize and destroy it simply because it does not coincide with ours.

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