Operators Nikolai and Farah will be available in Call of Duty Season 6

Modern Warfare campaign hero Farah and veteran Nikolai will be available with the Battle Pass of season 6 Since call of Duty (COD). The new season will be available from September 29let's find out all the details together.

COD season 6: Farah and Nikolai available

Zakhaev's plan takes a different turn when two familiar faces discover Mr. Z's underground network and operations in Verdansk. Farah And Nikolai they finally return to combat to aid Captain Price in the ongoing conflict that erupted after the armistice was broken.

Fara is here founder And Commander of the Urzikstani Liberation Force and grew as a fighter, having survived Roman Barkov's captivity. The woman is an excellent soldier and her skills have improved thanks to theadditional training with the SAS.

Following the events of the campaign, Farah joins the Chimera Alliance by reuniting with Iskra, one of her former scouts. The character can be unlocked at level 0 from the Season 6 Battle Pass. In addition to the base skin, players can get additional skins and other rewards.

Nikolai is rather the leader of the Chimera, a PMC within the Alliance. After the armistice is broken, the soldier now takes control of the battle to stop Zakhaev.

Nikolai is a Russian patriot with a deep love for his country and is known as a great repairer. He can get anything, whenever he wants and how he wants. The character can be unlocked at level 100 of the Season 6 Battle Pass and players can complete Operator Missions to get additional skins.

With the Season 6 Battle Pass, players can unlock up to 100 levels of content, including Farah, Nikolai, 1300 points Call of Duty and more.

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