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Online Threats: Panda Security rewards Millennials

Online Threats: Panda Security rewards Millennials

The Spanish company Panda Security through a research carried out last June, it reveals the categories most at risk and those most aware in the field of online threats.

Panda Security: the data

According to the research by Panda Security, children aged 18-24 are the most aware in Italy of some online threats, starting with the theft of money and phishing, as well as hacking their devices.

The research commissioned by YouGov and Panda Security found that more than half of people (51% on average, but 60% on the islands) fear that an imposter, thanks to their computer knowledge, could get hold of information and thus impersonate it through a outright identity theft.

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In a context where the greatest concern still concerns the intrusion into the home and the theft of personal items, Millennials indicate to a greater extent than other more senior respondents – 59% versus an average of 44% – theft of money via the Internet as one of the most felt threats, as well as phishing (53% vs 35%) and the intrusion of a hacker into their devices or systems (52% vs 37%). In general, the percentage of those who fear the intrusion of governmental organizations into their personal data is rather low (23%, with an increase to 32% in Sicily and Sardinia).

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Password: the big problem

Despite growing fears and constant advice from multiple authoritative sources, the results indicate how well 40% of people still use the same password on multiple sites and accounts, with a peak of 51% among those in the 25-34 age group. Then there is an 11% who save their passwords online without however protecting them through an encryption system: even here the youngest (18-24) are also the most prudent in avoiding exposure to threats (5%).

Furthermore, a quarter of people in Italy simply rely on a free antivirus that came with the device they purchased, while 28% do not back up their data saving them in multiple devices or in the cloud.

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Perhaps positively influenced also by the recent introduction of the GDPR legislation, Italians believe (56% against 40%) that European companies treat their personal data correctlywith men more convinced than women (62% vs 45%) of the correct behavior of continental players.

Hervé Lambert, Panda Security’s Global Consumer Operation Manager, said: “Never have users used online services more than today and the threat to personal security has never been greater. Simple steps can be taken to reduce fear and combat threats such as identity theft by simply activating private browsing or using a password manager. “