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Online shopping: Esselunga and Carrefour online haywire. How to do?

Online shopping: Esselunga and Carrefour online haywire. How to do?

There online shopping on the site of long S (aka Esselungacasa) and on that of Carrefour it is becoming impossible. Delivery times have become extremely long, and the result is that many of us are forced to leave the house to go directly to the mini market of trust, thus abandoning the safety of their homes. But are there services that, despite everything, still work? Put aside Esselunga and Carrefour, is there any chain that can guarantee the delivery of shopping at home? We assess the situation.

Shopping online is impossible

Currently, all the services that usually carry out home deliveries have found themselves overwhelmed by requests. Initially, struggling, they still managed to ship with serious delays, until their systems became saturated. Some of them have even become unseaworthy, with very long loading times. On the other hand, when you manage to fill your virtual cart and reach the much-needed payment phase, the bitter surprise appears: no day available for delivery.

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Esselunga at home

We talked about Esselunga in a special article, also because their home shopping service is one of the most used in Northern Italy. Once we arrive at the page of choosing the day for delivery, we find an entire two-week window completely saturated, with no possibility of choice.


As soon as you try to shop online, you are placed in a “virtual queue”, lasting over 45 minutesi, before being able to enter the service and be able to navigate within it. Unfortunately after the long wait, our dreams of being able to return to feed and cook are bitterly shattered: a message informs us that home deliveries are currently impossible.

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Amazon Prime Now

Another of the most common attempts is to take advantage of Amazon’s Prime Now, one of the various home shopping delivery services that should guarantee the same day, or at most the next day. However the situation is the same, no delivery options, and it turns out once you reach the payment page in the shopping cart. Furthermore, the amount of selectable products has drastically decreased compared to usual.


Even Cortilia, which resisted for the first few days (perhaps due to the low influx of initial requests), is now unable to make deliveries. To be honest, the site is almost unseachable, it does not allow you to enter the various sections and upon entering the postcode or city of delivery, it does not find it in its database (even by entering Milan, usually present).

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A few days ago they sent this email:


Here, too, do not expect anything new compared to the other cases seen before, the situation is the same. Smaller municipalities where the system is active and there is the possibility of some slots still available are perhaps exceptions. You just have to enter your address and try your luck!


It is an aggregator of supermarkets (we find Conad, Carrefour, Esselunga etc.). By selecting one of the supermarkets first, you can then individually check the presence of time slots available for delivery (which the external staff of Supermercato24 takes care of, not that of the selected supermarket). However, surprise, there is no chance here either. Customer service asked me to check for new availability daily, but after a week of daily checks, the situation never changed.

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A light at the end of the tunnel: Glovo

Glovo it appears to be the only functioning home delivery service at the moment. Sure, there are severe limitations compared to the past, but at least we will be able to obtain (even in a fairly short time) what little is enough for us to live a few more days without self-digesting. Among the markets available to place our order we find Picard Frozen, some city Minimarket and the Carrefour Market (a smaller version than the one described above). Glovo drivers will take care of the delivery, with timing even within the hour.

However, there is one factor to take into account: apart from the very limited availability of products, be aware that from the time of the order to the time of delivery you may not receive some products ordered and paid for, and that others may be replaced with equivalent products. There is no problem for the excess amount paid: Glovo will re-credit you the excess money the day after delivery.

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Glovo – Home deliveries

Glovoapp 23 SL



Glovo Food delivery and more

Glovoapp 23SL


Not just online shopping

For those not accustomed to technology, or simply for the desperate who have tried them all, there is another solution: arm yourself with a telephone and call the mini supermarkets and mini markets around the house, even your trusted greengrocer. In this period they have all equipped themselves to make home deliveries, you might be surprised!