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Online registry at the start: how to access, which documents can be downloaded

Online registry at the start: how to access, which documents can be downloaded

From today, Monday 15 November, the platform developed by the Ministry of Technological Innovation is accessible to anyone.

It is in fact aonline registry, which will allow citizens to obtain personal certificates digitally, free of charge and in complete autonomy. It is also a great help for public administrations, which will thus have a reference point in the online platform for the data and personal information of over 66 million Italians.

One of the main and most immediate advantages of the online registry will be the ease of remote operations, and therefore the thinning out of the long-standing queues at the counters.

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And for those who think that the new formula will put especially older people in difficulty, often not very digital literate, yesterday an illustrious example arrived that should give confidence to the less young. None other than the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella successfully printed the first digital certificate using the new platformwhose official name is the National Registry of the Resident Population.

So let’s find out how the online registry works from today, Monday 15 November.

What is the online registry

As we said, the National Resident Population Register is a digital platform wanted by the Ministry of Technological Innovation which will allow citizens to download fourteen personal documents independently, without cost and quickly.

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The creation of the digital registry was entrusted to Sogei, a technological partner who also oversaw the development of the portal.

The advantages of the digital registry

The advantages of the online registry are well summarized in the platform. Where we read: “If before our identities were dispersed in almost eight thousand municipalities, today they are collected in a single Registry.

A National database that allows, through constant simplification and standardization of procedures, to offer “digital services”: Easy, Accessible, Efficient, Safe.

These are remotely manageable services that allow you to perform tasks that we previously did in person in a new way.

Furthermore, the interoperability between Bodies allows the citizen not to have to communicate his personal data or change of residence to every office of the Public Administration. “

Which documents allows you to download the online registry

The online registry, active from today Monday 15 November, will allow citizens to download the following documents:

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Documents for oneself and for family members

The documents can be requested for oneself or for a family member.

For digital certificates requested through the online registry it will not be necessary to pay the stamp duty. The fourteen certificates are available in multilingual mode for municipalities with multilingualism. And they can also be released in contextual form: in a single certificate, for example, citizenship, existence in life and residence can be requested.

How to access the platform

You can access the online registry with your digital identity.

We have illustrated in another article how, from 1 October, to use the online services of public administrations it is necessary to use digital identity. For which you will have to use the SPID, the Electronic Identity Card or the CNS (National Service Card).

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If the request for a document is for a family member, the list of family members will be shown in advance for which it is possible to request one of the fourteen certificates of the online registry.

The digital registry gives the possibility to see a preview of the document that you want to obtain, to verify the correctness of the data. After that you can download it in .pdf format or receive it by mail.

Benefits not only for citizens

The online registry is an integrated, effective system with high security standards, which allows public administrations to have a quick and effective virtual dialogue.

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This means an optimization of resources and also a greater speed in the consultation and extraction of data, for example for statistical purposes.

For citizens, the online registry will save time and moneyas well as greater security of data retention.

The digital register collects data from 98% of the Italian population, with 7808 municipalities already entered. Of the over 66 million Italians in the data archive, 5.7 million belong to AIRE (Registry of Italians residing abroad).

In the coming months, other documents will be downloadable from the online registry. It will also be possible to access additional services, including change of residence.