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One year of Climate Pledge Friendly, Amazon’s environmental sustainability program

One year of Climate Pledge Friendly, Amazon’s environmental sustainability program

The program of Amazon’s environmental sustainability, Climate Pledge Friendly celebrates first birthday with cinque new certifications green and a week of special discounts in the dedicated showcase. What does it mean? That making more sustainable purchases even on large e-commerce is certainly not a drastic transformation, but a good start.

New environmental sustainability certifications on Amazon

The commitment of the giant Amazon is becoming more and more concrete. The focus on pollution and global warming also involves large companies that produce much more waste and consume more energy than small businesses.

Precisely for this reason Amazon is working hard to try to make its work as sustainable as possible. One year after the Climate Pledge Friendly program they arrive five new sustainability certifications: Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (AIAB), EU Organic, Fair For Life, Natrue and Soil Association Certification. With these new entries, e-commerce reaches 31 certifications in Europe.

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Sustainable discounts

A special birthday deserves a special celebration. Here is that Amazon has decided to celebrate: until October 17, inside the dedicated showcase, it will be possible discover the new assortment clothing, cosmetics, electronics, office, food and household solutions and buy your favorite products with a discount between 15% and 30%. Here are our 3 favorite products.

Logitech keyboard and mouse

Gaming products may also have certifications that attest to environmental sustainability. For example, the Logitech Wired Gaming Keyboard 35% off and also the G502 HERO gaming mouse, on offer at 47 euros, that is half price. Two high quality products, with high performance and durable materials. They guarantee smooth and lightning-fast performance, are discounted and do not harm the planet.

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Herbal teas to drink during marathons

If you love movies and TV series, you know that the essentials of the autumn season are the cover and herbal teas. The casket Pukka Relax Box with 45 sachets of various flavors it is discounted and is Climate Pledge Friendly certified. With 16 euros it is possible to have a beautiful cardboard box, all decorated, full of top quality herbal teas

On sale there are clothing, personal care products such as creams, shampoos and masks, coffee, stationery items. In short, a beautiful variety of products which, in addition to being useful and functional, also comply with environmental sustainability certifications. The best thing? They are no more expensive than other items, on the contrary …