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One Piece World Seeker, new details on the story and characters emerged

One Piece World Seeker, new details on the story and characters emerged

Bandai Namco Entertainment has posted a new video on the official Youtube channel focused on One Piece World Seeker, title based on the universe of the signed manga Eiichiro Oda with release scheduled for 2019.

The plot of One Piece World Seeker

Inside the short video published by Bandai Namco Entertainment new details are shown about the story and characters present within One Piece World Seeker.

The latter will be set in Prison Island, a location whose population has been completely divided into two opposing factions: those who have accepted the control and modernization brought by the Navy and the others, who remain faithful to tradition.

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Two completely new characters

To make their entry into the conflict situation present at Prison Island are the two protagonists of the title who, in addition to being completely original and unknown, were created by the same Eiichiro Oda, who contributed to the project from the very beginning.

The centerpiece of One Piece World Seeker it is in fact represented by Jeanne and Isaac, two belonging to the faction opposed to the regime imposed by the Navy.

Isaac he is the director of the prison, which used the contribution of science to rebuild the island after the war, while also seeking to increase its well-being and influence. According to the trailer, this first protagonist will not have a great relationship with the Straw Hat crew, but will be able to count on a link with Lucci.

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Much more rebellious and fighter he is Jeanne. The latter loved the island as it was and, for this reason, she took the reins of the rebellion, swearing to defend the place and its inhabitants at any cost. Will his meeting with Luffy lead to a collaboration capable of overturning the fortunes of the island?

To find out we will have to wait for the 2019, when the game lands on consoles Playstation 4, Xbox One and on PC.