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One Piece Odyssey: check out a new One Piece themed project

One Piece Odyssey: check out a new One Piece themed project

Shueisha and Bandai Namco have just registered the One Piece Odyssey trademark, for a mysterious project of which at the moment there is no clear news yet. Of course the product will be centered on One Piece, but it is difficult to determine if it is a video game or something else. Of course, the involvement of Bandai Namco strongly points towards the arrival of a new title on the most famous pirates of the seven seas.

One Piece Odyssey: check a new project

One Piece is undoubtedly one of the most famous manga and anime in the whole world, with an immense fanbase to say the least. Bandai Namco over the years has made several videogame adaptations on the saga of Luffy and his companions, the last of which, World Seekerwas particularly appreciated by aficionados.

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I think a lot that this new One Piece Odyssey is nothing more than a sequel to this recent open world title, with some improvements to the game economy. On the other hand, there is no lack of material: Eiichiro Oda’s manga now has more than a thousand chapters, more than enough to pack an entire videogame saga about the product.

However, the possibilities are practically endless, as we know nothing about the project. While we wouldn’t mind being able to sail the seas aboard the Going Marry or the Thousend Sunny in a new open world video game, we would also appreciate an RPG drift, or maybe even MMO. All forms in which One Piece is easily declinable.

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Of course, it is not certain that what we are facing is actually a project linked to a video game, since it could very well be a live show or a spin off on the series, but Bandai Namco’s involvement bodes well. We will most likely know more shortly, in the meantime we are waiting.