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One Click for the School: fundraising with Amazon shopping

One Click for the School: fundraising with Amazon shopping

“One Click for School” is the new fundraiser which allows you to donate a percentage of your Amazon shopping to an educational institution of your choice, at no additional cost. The donations received allow schools to obtain virtual credits for the purchase of useful products.

How does the “One Click for School” fundraiser work?

The initiative consists in the donation by Amazon of a percentage of the amount spent by customers, to the Italian schools participating in the project. Amazon customers can participate at no additional cost or effort. In fact, just go to the website of the initiative to select the school you want to support.

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How is the percentage of my shopping on Amazon donated?

Amazon donates one to the selected school percentage of expenditure, in the form of virtual credits that schools can ‘spend’ on useful learning material. For example, in 2019, Amazon had donated € 2 million in virtual credits to Italian schools. Instead, with the second edition it reached over 27,000, donating more than 3.6 million euros of virtual credit. Well, the third edition has started efuntil 6 February 2022 it will be possible to raise funds. What do you say, let’s try to overcome the figure?

How to join the fundraiser?

To join the initiative, you have to complete the registration procedure on the website www.unclickperlascuola.it and accept the Terms relating to the Initiative for the s. 2021/2022. To benefit from the fundraising, the School must join the initiative on the dedicated website. Amazon allows the customer to select a specific School and to associate purchases of products sold on Amazon.co.uk with it. To do this, simply choose the institution on the One Click for School website.

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An interesting way to make the most of the most advantageous discounts and essential expenses. To thank all the supporters of the fundraising for the school, Amazon has decided to donate 90 days of free subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited to all those who will support the initiative. Will you participate?