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On the Road Again: the initiative of Bentley Milano and La Solca

On the Road Again: the initiative of Bentley Milano and La Solca

Climb aboard a Bentleydrive from Milan to Gavi in ​​Piedmont, to visit the La Solca winery and sip its most prestigious labels. It is not a dream, it is the new initiative “On the Road Again” of Bentley Milano and La Solca, to celebrate the return of Italians to the streets.

Bentley Milano and La Solca: a historic and innovative partnership

The link between Bentley Milano and La Solca seems written in history. Bentley celebrated its centenary last year, while La Solca will make its 100th vintage this September.. Two historical brands. And two brands that represent elegance and exceptionality in their respective fields.

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These two realities want to wish Italians a good return to travel with the “On the Road Again” initiative. An experience that will lead participants to try the new one Flying Spur, a car with a noble line, built on a completely new but unmistakably Bentley platform. Starting from the Bentley Milan Showroom, the test drive will take the participants to Alessandria, a Gavi. There they can visit the cellars of La Solca, which smells of wood and history. And taste their finest wines.

A journey that tastes of history but also of innovation. La Solca has new tanks for the fermentation of wine and more filtration devices eco-sustainable. While Flying Spur represents the best of Bentley technology, with the classic elegance that welcomes the three-sided display with HD dashboard.

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A wish for a good trip

“On the road again perfectly interprets the desire to regain possession of our spaces and to get back on board our extraordinary cars, grinding kilometers in an ideal journey to rediscover the national territories that we have missed so much in these months of forced stop” he says Roberta BresciSales & Marketing Manager of Bentley Milan.

“I consider the difficult weeks now behind us and I believe it is important to launch positive and highly innovative messages to the market and to all stakeholders in everything we do, from the product to communication and marketing. What has always fascinated me about Bentley is the elegance and sobriety of an English lord combined with an extraordinary ability to conquer international markets through technology. In short, an absolutely contemporary way of looking to the future by enhancing all the skills and know-how accumulated over the years. ” comments Chiara Soldatiowner and export manager of La Scolca.

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Bentley Milano and La Solca want to send a wish for a good trip, for a stylish restart.