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On Serially come the Parmigiano Reggiano commercials


On Serially come the Parmigiano Reggiano commercials

Seriallythe first free Italian streaming platform dedicated to unreleased international TV series in Italy, has announced the arrival of Parmigiano Reggiano commercial. The commercials in question are taken from medium-length film Gli Amigos by Paolo Genovese. The first post is already online and features the multi-starred chef Massimo Bottura and the actors Stefano Fresi, Niccolò Gentili, Barbara Venturato, Francesco Gaudiello, Elena Funari, Marianne Leoni. For users there is therefore the possibility of accessing free TV series also thanks to the support of the new partner of the platform.

Parmigiano Reggiano commercials debut on Serially

Users of Serially can take advantage of the contents on the platform thanks to the support of AVOD model which provides for the free use of content thanks to advertising. The new commercials of Parmesan Cheese therefore represent an important addition for Serially which can count on new partners to support its model. Currently, the platform hosts over 15 international TV series for you to stream. Access to the platform is available via the web, via the official website, or via the apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV and Android TV.

The comment of the platform

Alessandro Mandelli, Co-founder of Serially, declares: “We are very proud to announce the arrival of the Parmigiano Reggiano advertising campaign on Serially, which marks the beginning of a very innovative and prestigious collaboration for our connected TV platform. the model we have chosen allows us to create premium and exclusive relationships by entertaining our users also with advertising content that seeks new ways and new spaces to tell their world “