On Evernote and the success of certain “controlled software”

If I were asked to make a list of the ten best software/services today, undoubtedly among the first five, I would put Evernote, a program used to manage information through notes, which does things very well like the last information shows freshly baked.

According to the information above Evernote already has over 3 million users, and not only that, but also the figures also show that its growth rate has accelerated dramatically. It took over a year to reach the first million users, the second million arrived after 222 days and finally it took only four months to reach the latter figure of 3 million users.

And how did Evernote arrive at these big numbers? Well, although many do not understand it, following a closed strategy that is very similar to that followed by Apple with its software. Evernote does not provide the user with « gazillions » of options, which could, but on the contrary, few and those that they consider useful. From the first minute, they force the user to do things in a very specific way, which ultimately results in a good user experience.

“So why are some businesses successful and others not? » The answer is clear: the secret (along with a host of other factors) is that the line the company gives the user is correct, that it should be easy to follow, and that it covers the needs of the greatest number. Many have closed software, but they are simply poorly designed and are not able to take advantage of environments like this (a good example is Windows Vista).

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Of course closed environments are not a panacea and other problems arise from them, for example, are generally a hindrance to innovation and the expansion of advances, but if we only talk about the market, I sincerely believe that the « open » has difficulty competing with the « closed », or it can only do this in very specific cases and in enterprise environments. They don't have the control factor and that has benefits but also causes problems.

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