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  • where the games never end
  • Because 17 days are not enough

Sport moves the masses, is the entertainment program that concentrates the most audience, yes, there is sports and sports and that is that you cannot compete with the giant called Football. Football moves masses, it is in everything, yes also on our mobile devices (just see that the most downloaded applications in the sports category are related to football).

But what about all those other sports? What about these sports which only have a “small” distribution at the time of the Olympic Games? Are we really not interested? I tell you no. If you are a sports fan, you will love any sport, whether practicing it or watching it, and yes, the perfect application has just been born for everyone who wants to enjoy any sport live: Olympic Channel, the IOC application to follow any sport from our iDevices…

where the games never end

As you can see in the previous video, the proposal that the IOC is making to us with the Olympic Channel is something very big: the possibility of following sport 24/7And not just on demand. And it is that after two years since the beginning of the Olympic Channel project, it has managed to be the audiovisual center of sports.

Because 17 days are not enough

Maria Escario already declared, after the closing ceremony of the Rio games, that the next day they would talk about football again. Football is a sport, but that's not all… From the application itself we can enjoy live sporting events, documentaries, archive videos (since 1912) of major competitions and reports. And they are coming strong, they started to work more or less after the Rio games with more than 600 pieces of programming. You know, Olympic Channel is the obligatory application for all sports lovers, an application completely free And universal (You can use it on iPhone and iPad).

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