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Official Amazon Alexa and Echo in Italy: features, availability and prices

Official Amazon Alexa and Echo in Italy: features, availability and prices

The wait is over: Amazon Alexa And Amazon Echo they are finally ready to land in Italy. Well yes, the smart speaker of the e-commerce giant are preparing to conquer our market too thanks to an absolutely unprecedented experience, based on the work of a group of Turin scientists and on many local skills.

“Tens of millions of customers around the world already use Alexa and today we are thrilled to introduce it to our Italian customers – he said. Jorrit Van der Meulen, Vice President of Amazon Devices International. – This Alexa experience was created especially for Italy: it’s completely new and we built it from scratch to pay homage to the Italian language and culture, allowing customers to easily ask to listen to music, learn about weather and news, control your smart home, manage the family agenda, get ideas for Sunday lunch recipes, and more. With Echo Spot, Alexa also shows images: you can watch Sky Tg24 or Ansa Videogiornale video news, view images from security cameras, make video calls to friends and relatives with Echo Spot or the Alexa app, and more. “.

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Amazon Echo: features and price

Echo is the progenitor of the family, a speaker equipped with long-range voice command and designed to respond as soon as it hears the activation word: “Alexa“. Once the keyword is detected, the light ring on the top of the device will turn blue. This means that at that moment the device is ready to interface with the cloud to respond to our requests.

To make all this possible are first of all the 7 microphones who use the beamforming technology and isolate noise, so the Amazon Echo can hear you even if you’re far away. The 63 mm down-firing woofer, the dedicated tweeter, Dolby processing and 360 ° omnidirectional audio instead emit clear voices and dynamic bass throughout the room, so you can listen to your favorite music without problems. No, rest assured, you don’t have to physically transfer the songs you love most inside the device: Amazon Echo takes advantage popular streaming services such as Amazon Music, Spotify Premium, Deezer and TuneIn.

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Finally, we come to design. In fact, there are three colors available, light gray, melange and anthracite, so the smart speaker can adapt to any type of fabric.

Ok, all very nice. But how much is it? Less than expected. In fact, the Amazon Echo will be available starting from 30 October at the price of 99.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Plus: the device for the smart home

Echo Plus is the big brother of the Amazon Echo and yes, it’s designed for Internet of Things lovers. In fact, on board we find Zigbee, the integrated smart home hub that allows you to connect all smart home devices to your new speaker. Using it is very simple: just say “Alexa, discover my devices”And the Echo Plus will take care of the rest, without the need for additional hubs or apps.

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Of course, that’s not all. On board we also find a temperature sensor, a 76.2 mm neodymium woofer and a volume that makes low tones powerful and clear mids and highs.

Amazon Echo Plus is available for pre-order in colors light gray, melange and anthracite and at the price of 149.99 euros. Like the Amazon Echo and all the other devices in the family it will ship starting October 30th.

Amazon Echo Dot: the little one at home

Echo Dot comes with all the features of its older brother: Amazon Alexa, integrated speakers and the ability to stream your music via Bluetooth.

To distinguish it we think compact size, while the fabric finishes remain, always in the colors light gray, melange and anthracite.

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Amazon Echo Dot is available for the price of 59.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Spot: Alexa has a screen!

Amazon Echo Spot presents everything customers love in Alexa with the convenience of a circular screen. The size and viewing angle of the display make the Echo Spot perfect for desks and bedside tables, so you can wake up to music, ask the weather as soon as you open your eyes, and check what time it is without having to search for your smartphone. Then nothing prevents you from looking MyMovies news videos or movie trailers, while experienced chefs will be able to set the timer while they cook or consult the shopping list.

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That’s not all: with the Echo Spot, you can call friends and family who have an Echo device, so you can talk to them without a smartphone or headset.

Amazon Echo Spot is available in colors black and white at the price of 129.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Sub: the accessory for bass lovers

Echo Sub is Echo’s first wireless subwoofer dedicated to those who wish increase the bass when they listen to music on devices created by Amazon. There are two possible connection methods: coupling 1.1 or 2.1, so as to have stereo sound.

The cost? 129.99 euros.

Amazon Smart Plug: a very useful accessory

We conclude the parade of devices with a device that does not belong to the Echo family. This is the Amazon Smart Plug, designed to allow you to control lights, fans, coffee machines and much more.

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All this is of course made possible by the WiFi connection and of course by the integration with Alexa.

Amazon Smart Plug will be priced at 29.99 euros.

The beating heart: how Alexa works

As you may have understood by now, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot and Echo Spot are supported by Alexa. But what exactly does this virtual assistant do? Lots of things: it can read the news and provide personalized updates based on your preferences, know the weather forecast for any place, control your smart home, make calls, answer your questions and stream music.

We point out that the customers who subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited will receive 3 months of free streaming with the purchase of any Echo device. This will allow you to access over 50 million songs in real time and without advertising. At the end of the promotion you can continue to use Amazon Music Unlimited for only € 3.99 per month per single device; it is also possible to choose the Personal subscription for 9.99 euros per month, the Prime one from 99 euros per year or the Family one from 149 euros which allows access to 6 family members.

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Finally, we remind you that Alexa uses the Skill, that is additional functions downloadable through the dedicated application that will allow you to do many other things. A few examples? Just Eat’s allows you to order pizza, Treccani’s skill provides you with all the definitions you need and SuperGuidaTV’s to listen to the latest TV programming.

In short, with Alexa the possibilities are truly endless.

40% discount!

In summary, Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Sub and Amazon Smart Plug are available for pre-order starting today on the site www.amazon.it/echo. Shipments will begin on October 30th.

Customers can take advantage of a special introductory price with a 40% discount on these Echo devices: