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Oculus Venues takes you to the best live events with Oculus GO and Gear VR

Oculus Venues takes you to the best live events with Oculus GO and Gear VR

Do you want to follow the football match of your favorite team? Or how about the latest concert of the star of the moment? Whatever live event you are looking for, you can follow it with your virtual reality headset, thanks Oculus Venues.

We are talking about a new free service launched today by Oculus and which will allow Oculus GO and Gear VR users to catapult into the biggest live events, simply by wearing their headset. Here are all the details on this novelty in VR sauce.

Oculus Venues: live events in company and solo

The goal of Oculus Venues is to allow its users to watch concerts, sporting events, comedy shows and much more in the front row, directly from their own VR viewer.

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Starting the app on Oculus Go And Oculus VR we will access the Venues calendar of events, which is updated daily with new immersive experiences and live programs to follow in virtual reality. Whatever the broadcast chosen, this can be followed in the company of other people connected to the live, thanks to the functions of social sharingintegrated. It will be an opportunity to meet new people with whom you can share the same interests or to involve your family and friends di Facebook.

If these ideas do not appeal to you, or if you simply like a little privacy, you could always watch the event alone or choose another seat in the audience.

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It will also be possible to deactivate or block another user and report suspicious activity, which could violate the Code of Conduct of Oculus. The moderators of the community will constantly follow any reports received from Venues, in order to be able to intervene as quickly as possible.

By connecting to this page of the official website of Oculus you can take a look at the complete list of live events available in Italy and that you can follow from today until August 27, before the arrival of the new live season.

You can download it for free Oculus Venues starting today, by clicking here.