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Oculus Gaming Showcase between Resident Evil 4 and After the Fall: all the games coming soon


Oculus Gaming Showcase between Resident Evil 4 and After the Fall: all the games coming soon

The first Oculus Gaming Showcase was broadcast late yesterdaya conference where we got a glimpse of the virtual reality games coming to Oculus Quest 2 in the next months. The event showed brand new trailers and brought information on upcoming titles, but not only.

We were also able to take a first look at the updates coming soon for community favorite titles.

Oculus Gaming Showcase: the games

The first noteworthy announcement comes along with the guys from Cloudhead Games who have submitted an update for Pistol Whip: it’s about Smoke & Thunder. The expansion tells the story of two sisters in the Wild West where trains, technology and explosions form the backdrop to a sparkling narrative interweaving. This update will be released together with The Conciergewhich will allow players to customize their playing style.

According to the software house, there will be many combinations of weapons and modifiers for each level that will guarantee a variety of gameplay never seen before. The two updates will arrive on the Quest and Rift platforms this summer.

This announcement is followed by the multiplayer update of Warhammer 40,000 and the announcement of Lone Echo II, in which we will return to play the role of Jack and Liv to explore the rings of saturn. Then presented Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge which expands the main adventure and confirmed the imminent release of the The Climb 2 Freestyle Expansion Packwhich will contain a total of 12 new levels.

Substantial news also for Resident Evil 4coming to VR in 2021. The game on Quest 2 will allow you to play in first person from Leon’s perspective and the entire title has been adapted to the new platform.

Weapons and items have been redesigned as physical items that can be physically collected and it will be possible to change weapons by grabbing them directly from your body instead of going through the menus. The developers also ensured that the character animations have been faithfully converted to Unreal Engine 4 without altering the source material, and all cut scenes will be presented in their original format.

The restoration work was impressive: more than 4,500 textures were repainted, increasing the resolution in the process.

Finally we have the latest effort of Vertigo Games with the cooperative first person shooter After the Fall, the announcement of which was accompanied by an exclusive trailer. This new IP will allow up to three friends to venture into a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland. The setting is configured as an alternative Los Angeles of the 80s, where our struggle for survival will take place.

Armed with full VR motion controls, users will have to fight their way into enemy territory in squads of 4 or accompanied by fellow AI, wielding an arsenal of unique weapons. The goal is not to be overwhelmed by the hordes of snow races, ferocious undead creatures that have guided humanity underground, and to get out alive one more day.

After the Fall will arrive on Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR and PC VR insummer 2021.