O2 changes its prices for video calls, a clue for the iPhone 4G?

Although it is March, the news regarding the iPhone 4G start to emerge and try to anticipate what the supposed device will look like, with this hype so exclusive to Cupertino. The latest news to arouse suspicion is the modification by O2the mobile telephone operator (purchased by Phone in 2006) which distributes the iPhone In United Kingdom.

The company changed the price of video calls and put them at the same price as voice callsa truly surprising movement (and of which, with iPhone or not iPhonemany operators could already learn it) since it places a voice call on the same level as a video call.

Leaving aside the subject of whether this is a preview of the next iPhone Whether or not it has a front camera, what seems relevant to me is the fact of assimilating, for the first time, a video call to a classic call. I remember when 3G technology started to be rolled out and operators jumped in like crazy because they thought it was going to be the new technological panacea.

Several years later, with 3G fully implemented and with many phones not yet being smartphones with a front camera, video calls continue to be more than a minority. In my opinion, the problem, more than the adoption of this particular technology, is the price. Now I insist that with a camera or not in the iPhoneif operators start to equalize prices, this type of calls could start to be used more.

Photo: Omio

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