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NVIDIA Shield Tablet 2 just around the corner

NVIDIA Shield Tablet 2 just around the corner

NVIDIA seems to be bent on marveling gamers on the 5 continents with a new concept of tablets that, like the vast majority, do not have the purpose of being able to enjoy content, but are fundamentally oriented to play. One case that can serve as a paradigm is the new NVIDIA Shiel Tablet 2. Insistent rumors speak that the tablet could integrate the TEGRA X1 processor.

NVIDIA Shield Tablet 2 just around the corner

NVIDA, in its origins, was dedicated to developing the best graphics cards on the market; Over the years, it has launched into the manufacture of other components and even devices, such as the tablet that concerns us today.

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It is a tablet specially designed for video games and in a first phase it will reach distributors and retailers in the United States and Canada back in July. In a second phase and in August, the tablet will reach Europe and in other countries, consumers will have to wait until September.

What has not yet been clear is whether Spain will be included among the European countries where the NVIDA Shield Tablet will land, so if it is not in August it will be in September. Everything also seems to indicate that the Californian company has insisted on releasing a new model every year from the NVIDIA Shield.

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Insistent rumors say that the NVIDIA Shield Tablet 2 may be integrated with the new TEGRA X1 chip that will be unknown to the public and most of the workers at CES 2015.

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