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Nvidia releases DLSS for “Rust” and Nvidia Reflex for “Escape from Tarkov”

Nvidia releases DLSS for “Rust” and Nvidia Reflex for “Escape from Tarkov”

Nvidia, the world leader in the field of video cards, has announced important news. The DLSS And Nvidia Reflex, very promising innovations in the gaming sector, will respectively arrive on the famous video games “Rust” and “Escape from Tarkov”. Players with cards Nvidia RTX they will see further improvements.

“Rust” and “Escape from Tarkov” are two of the most popular PC games. The former is a role-playing and action game, while the latter is a very realistic first person shooter. The rankings of the popular Steam digital store testify to this, with “Rust” even ranking among the 10 most played games of all genres.

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The technical improvements for “Rust”

“Rust” players will be able to see a up to 50% performance boost in 4Ksimply by enabling the DLSS. The title has already enjoyed the benefits of the technology Nvidia Reflex in the month of May. The update reduced latency by up to 38%.

-HelkRust project leader, designer and programmerhe has declared:

“In Rust, split-second reactions can really mean the difference between digital life and death, and NVIDIA’s DLSS offers our players an incredible performance boost that doesn’t hurt visual quality – it’s a ‘ better gaming experience… it is clearly an advantage for everyone ”.

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Nvidia news for “Escape from Tarkov”

As for “Escape from Tarkov”, the arrival of Nvidia Reflex for reduce latency instantly by up to 38%. It is not just data to enhance the new performances, but concrete results. Given the type of game, which requires extreme precision and perfect timing, the update patch it can mean the difference between defeating the enemy and being killed.

The title development studio Battlestate Games Team he has declared:

“We are thrilled to finally bring NVIDIA Reflex to Escape from Tarkov to ensure the lowest possible system latency and more precise and responsive gameplay. NVIDIA Reflex can offer gamers up to 38% reduction in system latency “