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NVIDIA recalls the vast majority of Shield tablets

NVIDIA recalls the vast majority of Shield tablets

NVIDIA has recognized that the batteries in its Shield tablets they can burn so he has organized an operation to remove units sold in the United States and Canada, whose batteries are named Y01 and that were sold between July 2014 and July 2015. No incident has yet been reported with those tablets

NVIDIA recalls the vast majority of Shield tablets

The news has been confirmed by Jen – Hsun Huang, CEO of the Californian manufacturer of, among other things, tablets and graphics cards. The reality is that even before it was known which part of the Shield tablet batteries could burn, the tablet had passed without pain or glory.

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Despite this business setback, Jen – Hsun Huang has confirmed that NVIDA will continue to invest heavily in hardware manufacturing and marketing. Huang has also been forced to confess that the error in the battery of the tablets affects almost all those that have been commercialized.

The affected Shield tablets have been those sold between July 2014 and July 2015. Those tablets have batteries that overheat and that in extreme cases they can end up burning. NVIDA has also been quick to explain that the bug in Shield tablets do not affect other Shield products. Neither the Android TV nor the Shield console are affected.

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Batteries affected are those named with Y01. In total, NVIDA estimates that 83,000 tablets are affected, all of them sold in the North American market. Another 5,000 tablets sold in Canada would be affected by the same problem.

Huang himself has had to admit that the problem has arisen because the company has not had sufficient vigilance over the supply chain, especially in what has to do with the supervision of your battery suppliers.

The Shield tablet is a tablet that NVIDIA has developed in its central delegation in California and that is specially designed for gamers. Fortunately, the number of units that have been sold of the tablet has been relatively low, among other things due to the crisis that the market for tablets is experiencing worldwide.

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