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NVIDIA focuses on content creators

NVIDIA focuses on content creators

During the NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) – the unmissable digital event dedicated to developers, researchers, engineers and innovators – the latest breakthroughs in the field of AI, HPC, graphics and data science. The first four apps they will have were also announced NVIDIA Broadcast Engine: XSplit, NewTek, Notch and Xaymar. Today’s announcements also include several unprecedented Creator options through the expansion of the NVIDIA Studio program.

The main updates presented are the AI ​​technology that powers the noise removal, the virtual background. In addition to the Auto Frame found in the NVIDIA Broadcast application, released last month.


The RTX A6000 GPU, built on the new architecture NVIDIA Ampere, allows creators to complete complex creative tasks. Like video editing in HDR 8K real-time and animation of extra-large 3D models. With 48GBoffers the largest memory available in a single GPU and is expandable to 96GB using NVLink to connect two GPUs.

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Embrace the Omniverse world

Bringing together NVIDIA innovations in graphics, simulation and AI, NVIDIA Omniverse is a simulation, collaboration and rendering platform based on RTX for 3D workflows. Omniverse users can collaborate in real time on their 3D workflows between applications, without having to resort to painstaking import and export, and then render them with incredible fidelity using NVIDIA RTX.

NVIDIA Broadcast Engine

Today, the transmission engine NVIDIA Broadcast Engine – a collection of SDKs with the underlying AI technology that powers these features – is released to the developer community. This will allow application developers to easily implement the effects of AI while unlocking new use cases. Four apps have already adopted the capabilities of the NVIDIA Broadcast Engine: XSplit, NewTek, Notch and Xaymar.

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To find out more about these exciting announcements, you can check out the Studio blog and article about Broadcast.