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NVIDIA DLSS: More than 100 games and applications are now available

NVIDIA DLSS: More than 100 games and applications are now available

NVIDIA DLSS: a continuous evolution, a future full of news and more. NVIDIA GeForce gamers enjoy an ever-evolving ecosystem of complementary technologies that give their gaming GPU tremendous added value. Among these technologies we find NVIDIA Reflex, which is fundamental for reducing system latency, and NVIDIA DLSS, which increases the framerate without sacrificing image quality. Starting today, NVIDIA releases game-ready drivers for Windows 11 and technology support for eight highly anticipated new titles.

NVIDIA DLSS: Indie developers take advantage of the UE4 plug-in

NVIDIA today announces 28 new games joining the list of DLSS supported titles. This is a direct result of Unreal Engine 4’s DLSS plugin, which makes the technology quick and easy to integrate into video games. Thanks to this technology, NVIDIA can today celebrate a new great milestone: in total more than 100 games and applications now support DLSS.

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Alan Wake and more coming with DLSS

The successes of Deep Learning Super Sampling do not stop thanks to the arrival, among all, of two great titles now able to support DLSS:

NVIDIA Reflex available in Splitgate and Deathloop this month!

NVIDIA Reflex is a quick and easy technology for developers to add to their titles thanks to SDKs, plugins, and the support of extensive documentation. More than 20 games have adopted latency optimization technology, and this month Splitgate and Deathloop joined the list, with latency savings of up to 50%.

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More game news

Among the other novelties related to the games, there is:

  1. Offers the best experience in:
  1. Alan Wake Remastered
  2. Deathloop
  3. Diablo II: Resurrected
  4. Far Cry 6
  5. Hot Wheels Unleashed
  6. Industry
  7. New World
  8. World War Z: Aftermath
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“NVIDIA DLAA dramatically improves our game by delivering incredible anti-aliasing results in Elder Scrolls Online, never seen before.” – Rich Lambert, creative director of ZeniMax Online Studios

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