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Nvidia DLSS improves Outriders performance in 4K

Nvidia DLSS improves Outriders performance in 4K

Outriders supports Nvidia DLSS and performance proves it: the game has a 73% boost to 4K performance. Transforming each GPU starting with the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti in graphics cards for 4K. Here are the results of the tests conducted on the game released today.

Outriders flies in 4K with Nvidia DLSS

The new third-person cooperative game of People Can Fly and distributed by Square Enix arrives today and supports Nvidia DLSS. Thanks to this Nvidia innovation, the triple A title can give its best even at maximum graphics settings. Indeed each GeForce RTX GPU can reach 60 FPS at 1440p with NVIDIA DLSS enabled. The increase is even 73% – a truly exceptional boost that makes all cards after the 3060 Ti perfect for 4K.

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The result is evident above all in the recent RTX 3090 but even less “monstrous” cards like the 2060 improve significantly with “DLSS ON”. The data show that in 4K it manages to reach 46.8 fps, an excellent result considering the power of the card.

NVIDIA tested Outriders with DLSS in 3840×2160 (4K) resolution and max settings with this configuration:

Results with tabs GeForce from RTX 2060 up to 3090 led to the results collected in this graph:

Trying DLSS pays off

In addition to delivering winning 4K performance, you have another good reason to give NVIDIA DLSS a try. In fact, NVIDIA gives away a Steam copy of Outriders to anyone who buys a GeForce RTX laptop eligible for partners participating in the promotion. You can consult the conditions at this address.

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In addition, the members of GeForce NOW can stream Outriders from our cloud gaming. Members Founders And Priority they can enjoy priority access to game servers, extended session lengths, and can even play games with DLSS support. Find more information on the performance of NVIDIA cards with Outriders at this address.