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  7. NVIDIA closes a $40 billion deal to take over ARM

NVIDIA closes a $40 billion deal to take over ARM

NVIDIA closes a $40 billion deal to take over ARM

They had been talking about it all summer and it has finally become effective: NVIDIA has bought ARM, the mobile technology giant. An operation that represents a great blow in the world of technology, and that handles stratospheric figures, nothing more and nothing less than $40 billion. What will this mean in the world of technology? little data we have at this time, but since NVIDIA plans to revolutionize the internet of things with artificial intelligence. After the jump we tell you more about this great operation…

As we say, the technology giant NVIDIA has reached a purchase agreement with the Japanese SoftBank for 40,000 million dollars to take over ARM, a deal that makes NVIDIA the leader in new AI technology. Technology that, in the words of Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, It will allow the creation of a new internet of things a thousand times greater than the current internet of people. The operation will allow ARM to continue with its open technology model, ARM will continue with its headquarters in Cambridge, and will also create a large development center that improves robotic technologies, smart cars, and other fields that involve artificial intelligence.

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If you do not know the technology of ARM, we will tell you that it is present in practically all devices on the market, specifically in the processors of most smartphones and it is proposed as the technology of the future for computers. In fact Apple already mentioned in the last WWDC 2020 Keynote that the future of the ecosystem macOS was going through a migration to ARM technology for its reliability and future expectations that are in it. NVIDIA thus signs a revolutionary agreement in the sector, the operation is subject to an evaluation of competition in practically the whole world, but it plans to close definitively in 18 years. We will continue expectantly to all the movements that this may imply in the world of technology.