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NVIDIA announced CMP GPUs for mining

NVIDIA announced CMP GPUs for mining

NVIDIA recently announced the new CMPs created specifically for mining. Regarding this, the company also revealed that it would artificially reduce the performance of its upcoming G graphics cardeForce RTX 3060 from $ 329 for the Ethereum cryptocurrency mining.

As strange as this news may seem, it has been music to the ears of some gamers – who have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get their hands on graphics cards for months. Let’s find out what happens together.

NVIDIA announces CMPs for mining

Real GA102 Ampere Die-Shot, very close to the official rendering. pic.twitter.com/qLUhzylT7B

– Fritzchens Fritz (@FritzchensFritz) December 13, 2020

The main reason NVIDIA made this decision is to prevent cryptocurrency miners from buying GPUs in bulk GeForce RTX 3060 coming February 25th. For this reason, he therefore preferred to halve the efficiency of the card in the field of mining. For what reason?

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Because miners are buying the most powerful GPUs in bulk in order to secure one enough computing power to optimize earnings obtained through mining.

Now you are wondering: what will happen to other GPUs then? NVIDIA has not yet revealed its plans for future graphics cards, but the company has revealed to The Verge (in no uncertain terms) that does not want to distort existing GPUs. “We are not limiting the performance of GPUs already sold,” says a spokesperson.

NVIDIA then came up with a solution: i CMP. It is, in a nutshell, one new product line designed for minerswith a CMP processor made especially for them.

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Regarding this, NVIDIA also suggests that the new CMPs they will have no impact on the ability to produce game cards GeForce. “The chips used for CMP may not meet GeForce specifications and will not impact the overall GeForce capacity or availability,” a spokesperson responded via email.

CMP products, in fact, they will not take care of the graphics, thus being useless for the players. This mechanism will help achieve more effective cooling solutions and lower peak core voltage and frequency, thereby reducing running costs. NVIDIA therefore hopes that the miners will purchase this new solution, leaving the graphics cards to the gamers.

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For more information, you can visit the official NVIDIA website.