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Nuki presents the new generation of smart locks: here are the details

Nuki presents the new generation of smart locks: here are the details

Nuki, European leader in the market of intelligent home access systems, with two brand new smart locks and an expanded range of accessories, further expands its leadership in Europe in the field of access solutions that can be installed on existing doors. With a price below 150 euros, the Smart Lock 3.0 allows an economical entry into the world of intelligent access systems. With new colors, the brushed aluminum ****, the battery and the integrated Wi-Fi, the lock Smart Lock 3.0 Pro instead it sets new standards in its class.

Nuki presents the new Smart locks for smarter doors

More than 200,000 doors in Europe have already been made smart thanks to Nuki: they offer residents more convenience in everyday life without compromising safety. Both versions of Smart Locks have a lot in common: like their predecessors, both third generation Smart Locks can be fitted to almost any door lock without having to drill holes.

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The engine is as powerful as ever and the new optimized mechanism offers noticeably quieter operation. As always, the locks can be operated directly via the button on the round ****, which now has an improved pressure point.

Smart Lock 3.0 & Smart Lock 3.0 Pro

For all those looking for a proven and reliable smart lock, Nuki offers the brand new Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, a quality yet affordable option. In this version, the **** is made of high quality plastic and is available in white. It goes without saying that the Smart Lock 3.0 It is compatible with all products in the Nuki accessory range, so it can be operated and managed remotely via the optional Nuki Bridge, opened via a numeric code on the Nuki Keypad, or with a Nuki Fob remote control, and extended by the Nuki Power Pack.

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The Power Pack battery is included in the Smart Lock 3.0 Pro. In addition, the Pro version has a stainless steel ****, integrated Wi-Fi and is available in both black and white. The integrated Wi-Fi fulfills the function of the Nuki Bridge, which means that it connects directly to the Wi-Fi router and thus to the Internet. With a Wi-Fi connection, customers can access their Smart Lock anytime and anywhere, integrating it into their existing smart home system.

Like previous versions, the third generation of Nuki Smart Locks has been certified as Secure Smart Home Products by the renowned German test institute AV-Test.

Accessories in white, external sensor and universal cylinder

The Door sensor for doors provides precise information on whether the door is closed or open and displays the status in the Nuki app. If requested, the Nuki app alerts you when the door is locked while it is open or if the door remains open for more than a defined time. The external door sensor is compatible with third generation Smart Locks (3.0) and is available at a price of 39 euros.

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Older locks are often not equipped with the so-called emergency function which allows the door to be unlocked from the outside if there is a key inside. This feature is not only recommended for use with Nuki locks, but is an important security feature.

So, if you want to upgrade your cylinder, you should consider the new Nuki universal cylinder: it is adjustable in length in both directions to fit most doors. The Nuki Universal Cyliner It was developed in collaboration with the M&C industry expert – more than secure, and is certified to the highest SKG security standards (3 stars). The cylinder is delivered with five keys and will soon be available at a price of 79 euros.

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Even the colors of the tested Nuki Bridge and Nuki Opener they have been adapted to the new design and will soon be available in white: they will thus be able to fit discreetly and elegantly into any entrance.

Nuki also announced an upgrade program for existing customers. This program will be available from February: if you want to upgrade your existing Nuki Smart Lock system, when you buy a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro you will receive the new external door sensor (worth 39 euros) free of charge. Of course the old lock can still be used on another door.

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Nuki smart locks: price and availability