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Now the Tesla range is truly “S3XY”

Now the Tesla range is truly “S3XY”

Today we are talking about an electric crossover with great performance, fast charging and a minimalist interior.
Its European launch is expected in 2021, but in America it is already on delivery, and it can now also be ordered in Italy.
I’m talking about Tesla Model Y, the highly anticipated compact crossover based on the Model 3 sedanthe fifth model produced by the House of Elon Musk.

Let’s go and see together what the “missing letter” from the manufacturer of the “S3XY CARS” offers.

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Longer, wider and much higher

Tesla Model Y, being the crossover version of Model 3, increases the size in almost all directions.
It is in fact 4.74 meters long and 1.92 meters wide, for an increase of 5 and 7 cm respectively.
However, it is the height that has made a decisive leap forward: it is 1 meter and 62 high, a good 18 centimeters more than the starting sedan..

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Aesthetically, everyone feels the extra centimeters in height.
Model Y is in fact very similar to Model 3, with the front and rear almost unchanged, but it almost seems… two-story.
As a setting it is somewhat reminiscent of the relationship between Model S and Model X, compared to which it is certainly more sober. Of course, at first the roof so raised compared to the Model 3 at first displaces, but once done the eye does not appear as clumsy as one would think as soon as it is approached.

Certainly these extra centimeters in height help the clearance from the ground, which increases by 2.8 cm, and reasonably increase the absorption of the suspensions.
The guide is consequently much higher than the “low shot” Model 3, but the batteries placed under the floor keep the center of gravity very low.
This is to the full advantage of the behavior on the road which shouldn’t stray too far from that, very good, of Model 3.

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The interior is also almost unchanged.
The totally minimalist general setting, with only the central 15-inch tablet and no physical buttons is also found on Model Y.
For the front passengers, in fact, almost nothing changes, while for the rear passengers it is completely different music.
The back dimensions have increased in height, where there is an extra 2.5 cm for the head, but above all for the legs. There are 12.5 cm more available for passengers’ legs and kneeswhich on the rear sofa will enjoy a really large space.

Obviously, the space for luggage also increases. The front luggage compartment remains unchanged, while the rear one gains many liters, folding seats, a 12V socket for a possible vacuum cleaner or a refrigerator and, finally, a full tailgate like the classic thermal crossovers.
Total liters? With the rear seats folded down we arrive at 1925 l, which exceeds 2000 when counting the front compartment.

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From 2021, the 7-seater version will also be available to order, with the two rear seats drowned in the trunk.

Tesla Model Y available in Long Range and Performance versions

As for the “engines”, for now they remain the same as the Model 3 from which it derives.
Tesla Model Y is indeed available in Long Range Dual Motor and Performance versions, both with all-wheel drive.
The mechanics are unchanged compared to the Model 3, the only thing to change is the weight: Model Y is in fact on average 160 km heavier than the sedan.

The first, more focused on autonomy, is equipped with two engines, one placed on the front axle and one on the rear axle, which give the equivalent of 351 CV.
Performance? 0-100 in 5.1 s and 217 km / h of top speed. And thanks to the batteries from 72.5 kWh autonomy in the WLTP cycle is 505 km.

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The Performance version, on the other hand, maintains the two engines of 462 HP and over 630 Nm of torque. The 0-100 is covered in just 3.7 seconds, with the top speed set at 241 km / h.
From the 3 Performance it also takes up the 21-inch wheels, the high-performance brakes and the low weight, while the WLTP autonomy is around 480 km.

Like any self-respecting Tesla, it does not give up on the Autopilot system, that is the set of active safety systems of the American company. These are the same as the Model 3, thus establishing themselves as the best currently on the automotive market in terms of precision and technological level.

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Deliveries in Italy at the end of 2020, with prices starting from 63 thousand euros

Then there is a new gem that debuts with the Model Y, which is an aid for cold climates, and for comfort.
The heating was in fact integrated with a heat pump. To activate the hot air in the passenger compartment, therefore, there will be no need to use the air conditioning system, and this leads to an increase in energy efficiency, and consequently an increase in autonomy.
For those who, like Fjona, love to have fun with Tesla Model 3 Easter Eggs, don’t worry: you can play tricks with **** even on the new Model Y.

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Finally, remember that Model Y, like its Model 3 sister, is not entitled to free Superchargers.
Deliveries for the Italian market will begin at the end of 2020 with the Long Range and Performance models.
In 2021 the 7 seats and the Standard Range version will also arrive with the 287 HP rear engine only.
Prices for the Italian market have already been made official: it starts from 63,000 euros for the Long Range, with the Performance reaching 71,000, without options and without adding any Ecobonus.
It is already possible to order it on the official Tesla website and configure it according to your preferences.

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We can’t wait to see the new Tesla Model Y on the roadtouch it with your hand and see what the new mid-size Crossover from the Elon Musk House is made of.