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NOW: the first month of Cinema and Entertainment on offer at 3 euros

NOW: the first month of Cinema and Entertainment on offer at 3 euros

The NOW (formerly NOWTV) Cinema and Entertainment Pass is on offer for only 3 euros for the first month. An opportunity to do a trial at a reduced cost and evaluate if the service is for you or not. Regardless of your decision, you will have 30 days of exclusive movies and TV series for only 3 euros. But that’s not all, it is possible to have the first month of sports subscription for 5.99 euros.

How does the NOW offer work?

The offer is reserved for new NOW customerswhich may have the Cinema and Entertainment Pass for € 3 for the first month instead of € 14.99. From the second month, the Cinema and Entertainment Passes they will automatically renew at the list price in force equal to € 14.99 per month, subject to changes in the list price and / or VAT increase and / or variations deriving from other regulatory provisions. The same goes for the Sport pass, which costs only € 5.99 for the first 30 days, instead of 14.99 euros per month.

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The subscription it is not binding, you are not forced to buy the following months. Indeed, it will be possible to deactivate the renewal automatic one or both Passes at least 24 hours before the expiry of the viewing period on nowtv.it by renouncing the service, without paying penalties or more.

The different NOW subscriptions

In addition, you can choose from the different passes the one that’s right for you: cinema and entertainment, sports, kids. If you are a sports lover you can add a second subscription and watch Serie A football. We explain how NOW passes work and what are our favorite contents in this article.

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What to watch on NOW?

There are so many on NOW exclusive content, newly released movies and TV series, included in the Entertainment Pass. It is possible to see many contents of Skywhich makes the offer even more tempting, for example you can watch live X-Factor or the tv series of the moment: the reebot of Gossip Girl. On NOW you will also find the famous TV series The Undoinor make a re-watch of a great classic like the Game of Thrones. NOW’s catalog of films and series is really full of exclusive content, here we talk about 10 films and TV series to watch absolutely on NOW.

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Sport on NOW

Are you a sports lover? You can see football, motors, tennis, basketball and all the sport of Sky in super HD. If you sign up by 7 November the first month you pay only 5.99 euros. There are no renewal obligations!

If you want to get more information or access the trial period of 3 euros, just sign up on the official website NOW. It’s simple and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Worth a try.