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Now Alexa can manage the tasks around the house herself

Now Alexa can manage the tasks around the house herself

Among the many functions of Alexa, now comes a new one. Starting today, in fact, the Amazon device will be able to proactively complete home activities according to your habits and most frequent requests. Basically, Alexa will be able to decide independently if and when to turn off the lights in a room.

An innovative feature, even if we know that the device is able to receive information about our habits since 2018. But before this update, it needed your permission to be able to act inside the house. Now, however, it will be enough to enable the so-called Proactive “insights” to allow Alexa to skip the authorization request and carry out the task directly.

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Alexa: updated functions allow her to act independently

Let’s say that what Amazon defines as “proactive insights”, that is Alexa’s ability to learn our habits, can make the device much more useful for each of us. But, at the same time, it could be annoying that there is an Artificial Intelligence to regulate our life at home. This is why the company has published a support article to clarify for users how to select activities that Alexa can manage independently. But that’s not the only new feature of the device update.

Apparently, Amazon is rolling out the security service Guard Plus, which allows the smart home device to alert you if it detects any dangerous noise in the house, by contacting the emergency services directly. This is a subscription service, which you can subscribe directly via the App. But that’s not all. Among the new Alexa features, Amazon also adds an option that allows you to monitor the amount of energy that consume the devices connected to it (provided that these allow it). From the TV to the water heater, the new feature would seem to be able to keep any product under control.

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The only detail that convinces us little is that these features will be available exclusively in the United States. But it is not certain that soon they will not be seen in Italy as well. Indeed, we hope so.