Not all of Lost's secrets will be revealed in the final chapter

This next Sunday will take place one of the most important, as well as interesting, television moments of all time: the last chapter will be broadcast (really there will be two) of one of the television series that caused the most of impact since their existence and which has already entered, through its merits, into the history of television. Yes, as most will have guessed, I am referring to Lost (or Lost in Spanish).

All of us who are passionate about Lost are waiting like water in May for this last double final part of the series since many mysteries will be solved there, and that is where the but comes in. According to the people of the channel ABCwho produce the series, not all the enigmas of Lost will be resolved in this final chapter which will be broadcast on the 23rd, certain questions will be addressed “in a fun way” on the DVDs of this sixth season which will go on sale in August.

So anyone who wants more answers on lost you will have to wait until August and pay a few euros. In any case, it was very clear that this was going to happen, in Lost there are a lot of puzzles and one chapter, even if it is double, is not enough for everything. I only hope that the side doubts are resolved in these DVDs and that « the big problem » is answered in this final chapter. To do the opposite to try to sell more DVDs would be to kill this long-awaited moment and be utter stupidity.

The Lost Treasure, free for a limited time

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