Northrop creates a circuit that operates at 670 GHz and sets a new world record with it

Ladies and gentlemen, what until very recently was something unthinkable, the creation of an integrated circuit that operates at 1 THz (or 1000 GHz), is getting closer to reality, as recent advances show. by the people at Northrop Grumman who they have just broken all records by building the first integrated circuit that operates at nothing more and nothing less than 670GHz.

To give you an idea of ​​what that really means, Northrop's new chip is 200 times faster than the fastest circuit we've had so far and can execute 0.67 billion instructions per second, which is said soon.

Behind this breakthrough is, how could it be otherwise, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (yes, DARPA), which commissioned Northrop, one of the largest US military defense contractors (e.g. creators of the legendary B-2 Spirit bomber), the development of the Terahertz Electronics advanced research program whose ultimate goal is to achieve an integrated circuit operating at 1 THz.

For now, as has happened on many other occasions, this new superchip will be used to improve the capabilities of the US military's gadgets, but sooner or later it will also end up jumping into the world of consumer electronics, which is the really interesting part. Finally, if you are one of those who really understand integrated circuits, you will surely like to know that the people at Northrop have published the technical document of this new chip in PDF.

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