Nookazon, watch out for scams on the Animal Crossing market


  • Nookazonthe Amazon you pay with Nook Stars and Miles.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons: buy and sell on Nookazon
  • Nookazon: let’s avoid scams
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Nookazonthe Amazon you pay for with Nook Stars and Miles.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons he was and still is the companion of those long, lonely days at home. The most avid gamers have also indulged in the online sale of unobtainable objects and inhabitants, all to complete their collection. But this place of sale and exchange, called Nookazon, hides traps. Let's find out how to avoid the scams that seem to be the order of the day.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: buy and sell on Nookazon

Nookazon is an online store founded by some users of Animal Crossing: New Horizons which aimed to complete their entire catalog of objects and obtain their favorite inhabitants. A sort of Amazon version of Animal Crossing. You pay in stars and Nook Tickets, in exchange you can get any item or inhabitant you want at more or less exorbitant numbers.

Each sale listing includes a Discord ID, username, and friend code for Nintendo Switch Online, to make the transaction as seamless as possible.

But the catch is around the corner: many users are willing to clear the exorbitant number of stars or tickets required before delivering your object of desire. How then can we avoid this catastrophe?

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Nookazon: let’s avoid scams

Trusting is good, but not trusting…that’s Tom Nook. Take the raccoon of the year as an example, and don't blindly trust anyone on the web who offers you rare items at attractive prices. If you are new to the Nookazon platform, first try to take a look around and check the current negotiations. Moving your feet with lead feet is important in these cases.

Each seller on Nookazon has their own review score, just like on Amazon or Ebay. Be 100% suspicious of who has zero stars, the scam in these cases is around the corner. The only time you can deal with no-return users is to make sure they give you the item (or allow you to speak to the resident) before getting paid.

Residential businesses are the most profitable transactions in Nookazon. The most sought after inhabitants come to cost up to 1.5 million stars.

Before paying, remember to check the average price of this item/inhabitant on the platform, so as not to waste precious stars.

Last bit of advice, try to negotiate, if possible, on your island. You will have more control and power over what happens.

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