Nonprofits in the US can now accept donations through Apple Pay

Apple Pay is currently available in 11 countries around the world. Since its launch in October 2014, the company has barely expanded this service to other countries except the United Kingdom. But over the past year, the Cupertino-based company has expanded the number of countries where this new form of electronic payment is already supported and among which we find France, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong… The release of macOS Sierra, the latest version of the operating system for Mac, now allows you to make payments through Safari with Apple Pay. In addition, thanks to the Touch ID of the new MacBook Pro, it is now easier to confirm purchases with our fingerprint, without having to use the iPhone.

Apple Pay continues to expand its horizons and since yesterday non-profit organizations you can now start receiving donations directly through this technologythis way we can send money to charity quickly and without having to make transfers or go to the bank to make them.

Some of the nonprofits that will benefit from this new way of getting help are UNICEF, Cruz Roza Americana, Save the Childer, World Wildlife Fund and several others up to a total of 19 organizations charity These organizations already offer through their web pages the possibility that any user can quickly make a deposit. and hassle-free with Apple Pay.

Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, assures that:

Apple Pay offers a simple and secure way to support the incredible work of these nonprofit organizations, and this new technology will definitely allow Apple customers to donate this upcoming holiday season because it's 'a very quick and easy process. and on.

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