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Nokian Tires: the development of winter tires continues


Nokian Tires: the development of winter tires continues

Nokian Tires was the first in the world to produce the winter tire in 1934, for safety requirements related to the difficult conditions of the Nordic winter. The revolutionary innovation called “Weather tire” (Kelirengas in Finnish) was developed for trucks and buses and, two years later, a version for passenger cars was made called “Snow Hakkapeliitta”. In doing so, a true revolution in winter driving safety was initiated, a revolution that has resonated in the automotive industry over the 85 years since its creation.

From the beginning, Nokian Tires created the safest tires for all driving conditions through tests carried out in real conditions. The “White ****” test center in Ivalo, Finland is world famous and is the place where tires are tested in harsh winter conditions, well beyond the Arctic Circle. The most recent facility to join the Nokian Tires network is the state-of-the-art testing center located in Santa Cruz de la Zarza in Spain. The “Hakka Ring”, as it is called, allows the company to further refine its rigorous tests and offers an excellent framework for testing not only summer and all-season tires, but also winter tires.

Conditions that simulate Central European summers and winters ensure that all products
Nokian Tires are relentlessly tested in authentic European climatic conditions. A safer driving experience with modern winter tires from Nokian Tires: “Whether you choose winter or all-season tires for the upcoming winter season, you can always count on their exceptional safety in extreme situations, such as snow and mud, and on their resistance. Our tires for SUVs and vans are reinforced with aramid sidewalls, a state-of-the-art feature that no other manufacturer offers and which guarantees protection against bumps and cuts “, says Martin Dražík, CE Product Manager of Nokian Tires.

This concept was also used in this year’s new model: Nokian Snowproof C, a safe and reliable winter tire designed for heavier commercial vehicles. The all-season version, Nokian Seasonproof C, offers winter safety while maintaining its excellent driving characteristics all year round.
The premium winter tire Nokian Snowproof for passenger cars and its very high performance version Nokian Snowproof P they are the perfect choice for traveling to Central Europe in the winter season. Their unique features were developed in collaboration with two-time Formula 1 champion Mika Häkkinen, who participated in the development and testing of this unique model.
As for the increasingly popular SUVs, the winter period requires high tires
robust and stable performance, capable of withstanding heavier loads, and suitable for driving in
snow and ice conditions. Just like the Nokian WR SUV 4.

With a mild climate, you can instead opt for Nokian Tires all-season tires, which offer reliability and safety on winter roads and excellent performance and comfort during the summer months. All Nokian Tires winter and all-season tires carry the 3PMSF symbol, indicating that they are suitable for use in winter. Nokian Tires tires are able to withstand the toughest conditions, without any compromise when it comes to their performance even on wet and dry roads.

“When choosing tires, it’s important to turn to reputable manufacturers who are known for their commitment to premium quality in terms of safety and durability – and that doesn’t just apply to winter tires,” adds Dražík.

Finally, here is a series of choices and advice regarding winter tires, always “Made in Nokian Tires”

The latest winter models from Nokian Tires:
– for cars: Nokian Snowproof, Nokian Snowproof P
– for SUVs: Nokian WR SUV 4
– for commercial vehicles: Nokian Snowproof C

The latest NokianTyres all-season models:
– for cars: Nokian Seasonproof
– for SUVs: Nokian Seasonproof SUV
– for commercial vehicles: Nokian Seasonproof C

How to choose the right tire
– First, make sure the tire is the right size for your car.
Using tires of the wrong size increases the risk of damaging and compromising them
driving safety in difficult winter conditions;

– If you are in trouble, check your vehicle manual, which should list the dimensions
appropriate tires. Or ask your trusted tire dealer or a
authorized dealer;

– Choose winter tires according to the climatic conditions of your country. If the
climate is mild, you can also choose to use all-season tires;

– The snowflake symbol (3PMSF) indicates that the tire has been officially
approved for winter use;

– New EU tire labels simplify choice. Specific information on the
product, such as grip on snow or ice or fuel consumption, are provided in a
standardized format that allows you to easily compare individual models of