Nokia creates the perfect user profiles for its smartphones


  • Those who… China is everything
  • Those who… an apple a day keeps the doctor away
  • Those who… design, this unknown
  • Those who… do tomorrow what you can do today

Nowadays, choosing the right smartphone to buy is a really difficult business. Phones tend to be similar in features and functions, and finding the right one may not be easy. Nokia, however, it decided to help users by building a series of profiles of its typical users. Or rather, of those who surely, not they are made for a Nokia.

Below is the beautiful analysis of profileshence the Nokia smartphone they will stay away.

Those who… China is everything

For them the China is always nearby, they dream of visiting the Great Wall of China and live on spring rolls and kung fu. Not forgetting acupuncture, alternative medicine, silk, tiger balm and Mahjong. These people can sleep soundly because their passion drives them light years away of the world of phones Nokiacharacterized by a Scandinavian DNA, Finnish to be precise, which makes essentiality and practicality its main characteristics. Planning a trip to Beijing? You are safe!

Those who… an apple a day keeps the doctor away

Their favorite fruit is Apple, the city of dreams is also called the “Big Apple,” and there’s no better dinner interlude than apple sorbet. They are so lovers of this fruit which on all electronic appliancesi, from laptop to smartwatch, even to phone, they have the apple symbol. Nokia phones are creatures space”, With the pure heart of a Android, agile and lively. Apples are good for sure, but varying your diet from time to time is not a bad idea. If you don't agree, you're safe!

Apple could hire engineers from Here, the GPS maps sold by Nokia

Those who… design, this unknown

Characterized by a spirit of observation and a sensitivity for beauty so strong that they are able to easily distinguish a bathtub from a shower. More they don't go. A lamp or a chandelier? It makes no difference, the important thing is that it illuminates. A chair or an armchair? Just be comfortable. A plastic phone and another machined from a single block of anodized aluminum? It is sufficient that phones. THE Nokia smartphones are beautiful, so beautiful to make you fall in love. If you think the eye doesn't want its part…well you're safe!

Those who… do tomorrow what you can do today

They always put everything off until later because there is so much time. Tomorrow or after tomorrow. They don't care so much about the future and perhaps they are also alien to the concept of punctuality. For Nokia smartphones, however, the future is already here. They are always ready, they like to stay informed and they do it with incredible punctuality. If you don't feel future proof, because you are looking forward to the present, go ahead and do it in peace, you are safe!

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