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Nissan to deliver 23 new electrified models by 2030


Nissan to deliver 23 new electrified models by 2030

Nissan has announced the new long-term plan called “Ambition 2030”, which includes, among other things, the plan and over the next eight years the introduction of 23 new electrified models, 15 of which are fully electric. At the same time, the Japanese company aims to be carbon neutral throughout the life cycle of its products by 2050.

Over the next five years, Nissan will invest 2 trillion yen (about 15.6 billion euros), to accelerate the production of electric-powered vehicles. At least 20 new models equipped with electric motors or the e-Power system will be introduced over the next five years and by 2026 Nissan expects 75% of its sales in Europe to be electric models. In Japan, the forecast is 55% of sales and in China more than 40%. In the US, Nissan aims to have 40% of pure EV vehicle sales by 2030.

“We are proud of our long path of innovation and our role in the EV revolution. With the new Ambition 2030 vision, we continue to take the initiative to accelerate the natural shift to electric vehicles, with attractive proposals for customers, generating excitement and creating a cleaner world “, Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta said.

To achieve its “Ambition 2030”, Nissan will continue to improve current lithium-ion battery technologies and introduce new cobalt-free ones to reduce battery costs by 65% ​​by 2028. Nissan also expects to increase global battery production capacity to 52 GWh by 2026 and 130 GWh by 2030. The Japanese automobile CSA also aims to launch an electric car with solid-state batteries by 2028 and to build a new plant in Yokohama, Japan, in 2024.

Nissan Ambition 2030, four new prototypes unveiled

Throughout all of these announcements, Nissan unveiled four electric prototypes. These are Nissan Chill-Out, Nissan Max-Out, Nissan Surf-Out and Nissan Hang-Out. The former is a sleek concept that uses Nissan’s CMF-EV platform and features a two-tone silver and black finish. The Nissan Max-Out is very different, being an original two-seater convertible designed to “deliver a new driving experience with its exceptional stability and comfort”. Of particular interest is the Surf-Out concept, a fully electric pickup designed to deliver good off-road performance.

Last but not least is the Hang-Out concept which was created as a mobile living space with a flat floor. In closing, it should be noted that Nissan has not made it clear whether any of these prototypes will someday become a production model, however it is not excluded that this could happen.

Going back to the “practical” Nissan aims to expand ProPILOT technology adoption to over 2.5 million Nissan and INFINITI vehicles by fiscal year 2026. The company will also develop its technologies. for autonomous vehicle, aiming to introduce new generation LIDAR systems on each new model by fiscal year 2030.