Nissan and Elis together for the city of the future


  • Open Connected City in detail
  • The contribution of Nissan and Bridgestone

Officially launched by Nissan and Elis on operating activities of the project Open connected city: the program which aims to design and develop services for citizens in the field of urban mobility and more generally smart cities.

Thanks to NISSAN and the collaboration of partner companies – ANAS, BRIDGESTONE, CELLNEX, HUAWEI, OPEN FIBER, SAS, TIM – the ELIS Campus will become a demonstration space where you can test and make visible some of the technologies of “cities of the future” for perfect and make them reproducible elsewhere. The project involves eight large companies and more than twelve students from the Polytechnic of Milan.

After an initial period of defining use cases and selecting reference technologies, the necessary technologies were acquired by the team for project development.

Open Connected City in detail

The start-up phase of operational activities begins now, which includes prototyping and testing within the Campus by June. The first already approved use case will be built with the support of T.I.M., SAS And HUAWEIand concerns the real-time vehicle recognition by camera which will allow, in later phases, to send alerts regarding the expiration of stamp duty, insurance and driving license of incoming vehicles.

The second use case concerns the free parking guide through image recognition and the use of sensors, and will be implemented with the support of CELLNEX, SAS and HUAWEI. Subsequently, the possible involvement of Startups is considered for the activation of additional support services, such as car washing and charging..

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The contribution of Nissan and Bridgestone

Finally, among the use cases already approved, the vehicle check which will allow access to the on-board computer, identify driving styles and predict tire wear and change. This last case will be developed with the contribution of NISSAN And BRIDGESTONE.

Supporting everyone’s development use caseTHE Nissan Leaf which turned out to be the ideal car to test the technologies that will be developed within the project Open connected city.

In addition to being the best-selling electric car in history, the Nissan Leaf incorporates, in the 40 kW and 62 kW versions, cutting-edge driver assistance technologies, such as the electronic pedalwhich allows you to start, accelerate, slow down and stop using only the accelerator pedal and the ProPILOT, which comes into effect on the highway within the single lane. The “hands-on, eyes-on” system allows the car to stop, restart and stay in the center of the road when traveling at high speed or 'traffic jam. Additionally, the Nissan Leaf is capable of storing and releasing energy when needed. A real revolution already available today which transforms the traditional way of understanding the car and fits perfectly with the idea of ​​urban mobility of the future.