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Nissan aims to become a carbon neutrality company by 2050

Nissan aims to become a carbon neutrality company by 2050

As part of the Ambition 2030 vision, Nissan has set a number of goals including that of becoming a fully sustainable company throughout the entire production and life cycle of products, contributing significantly to the environmental and social challenges that underpin a “greener” world

Nissan’s first move in this specific area will be to build the first EV36Zero intelligent integrated mobility ecosystem. At this innovative site the brand will start the production of new electric vehicles (EV), microgrid for the rational management of 100% renewable energy between cars and the grid and a new Gigafactory for the development of batteries. THEThe new hub, which will be based at the Sunderland, UK plant, represents an initial investment of £ 1 billion.

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Nissan’s goals according to the Ambition 2030 vision

The EV36Zero center will play a pivotal role in delivering “Ambition 2030,” Nissan’s goals, including achieving carbon neutrality throughout the life cycle of its products by fiscal year 2050. From this the company has already planned some activities.

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“Over the past decade, Europe is the region that has led the transition to electrification. In our vision for the next decade, we will see further acceleration of this process, with products and technologies that will transform the driving experience of Nissan customers – said Guillaume Cartier, Nissan Chairperson for the AMIEO Region. Not only will we be offering an electrified version of all of our passenger cars in Europe, but our 360 ° vision for sustainable mobility will bring 100% renewable energy to our EV hub in the UK and will see the introduction of new battery reconditioning facilities in Europe. By paving the way for full electrification and carbon neutrality, our teams and products in Europe will support and shape our plans for electrified vehicles in the rest of the AMIEO Region and other markets around the world. “